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HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden - Bio

Full Name: Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée

Title: Crown Princess, Duchess of Västergötland

Birth: Karolinska University Hospital, in Stockholm Sweden

Country: Sweden

Monarchs during life: Carl XVI Gustaf

Relationship to current monarch: Eldest Child

Place in line of succession:
  • At Birth: Not in Line of Succession, (only male heirs)
  • After 1979 Change in Succession Act: 1st
  • Current: 1st
Religion: Church of Sweden
  • Christening: at Storkyrkan (Stockholm's Cathedral) on 27 September 1977
    • God-parents: 
      • King Harald V of Norway
      • Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands
      • Princess Désirée (Aunt)
      • Ralf Sommerlath (Uncle)
  • Godchildren: (17 total)
    • Princess Leonore  (Niece)
    • Prince Alexander (Nephew)
    • Princess Eléonore of Belgium 
    • Prince Christian of Denmark 
    • Prince Catharina-Amalia of Netherlands
    • Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway 
    • Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark 
    • Princess Katharina of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 
    • Vivien Sommerlath 
    • Giulia Sommerlath 
    • Baroness Madeleine von Dincklage 
    • Leopold Lundén Sommerlath 
    • Ian de Geer 
    • Ian Persson 
    • Diana Agnes Astrid Engsäll 
    • Isabella Chloé Nilsson 
    • Desirée Elfrida Christina Magnuson
  • Marriage: Married Olof Daniel Westling  on 19 June 2010 at Storkyrkan (Stockholm's Cathedral), in front of 1200 guests. 
  • Children: 
    • Princess Estelle (b. 2012)
    • Prince Oscar (b. 2016)
  • University:
    • Université Catholique de l'Ouest (France)
      • Studied French
    • Yale University (USA)
      • Studied Political Science & History
    • Uppsala University (Sweden)

    • Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (Sweden)
      • Basic Training
    • Swedish National Defence College (Sweden)
      •  Studied Political Science, International Relations & Conflict Resolution
Job: Full-Time Royal

  • Intern at United Nations (New York, USA)
  • Intern at Swedish Embassy (Washington DC, USA) (China)
  • Completed a study program with, 
    • Swedish Government
    • Swedish Parliament
    • Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
  • Intern at Swedish Trade Council (Berlin, Germany and Paris, France)

Residence: Haga Palace in Greater Stockholm

Causes: Disabilities, Illness and Disease, Children, Environment,

Video of Her speaking:



  1. Monarchs during life: Carl XVI Gustaf
    Religion: Church of Sweden
    Christening: Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan) 27 September 1977
    God-parents: King Harald V of Norway, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands,Princess Désirée,Ralf Sommerlath

    Marriage: Olof Daniel Westling married 19 June 2010
    Children: Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar
    Schooling: Enskilda gymnasiet, Université Catholique de l'Ouest , Yale University

    Residence: Haga Slott, Solna Sweden

  2. You'll also note that Victoria is godmother to 3 future monarchs (Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Ingrid-Alexandra of Norway, and Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands) and that any Sommerlath and Manguson's in her godchildren list are relatives.
    Also at Birth Victoria was *not* in the line of succession, as at that time it was still male only primogeniture. Prince Bertil was crown prince until Carl Philip's birth, although there had been discussion of changing the primogeniture legislation before Vic's birth the change didn't happen til after CP was born. Therefore Victoria was not in the list of succession to the throne at all until the legislative changes in 1979.

    1. Thank You. When it come to european royals, pretty much everyone is related in some way. To simplify things I really only want to note those who are nieces and nephews.

      As for the Royal Godchildren, I did put them at the top of the list, because I do think they are more important for Royal Watchers. Once I've made all the bios, I think I'm going to link things together.

      And Thanks on the line of Succession thing. I should have looked that up opposed to assuming it was just male preference at the time.

    2. Yep the majority of them have some form of blood link somewhere in the past.

      Haha is it really possible to make it all that simplified? Linking the pages together at the end sounds like a good idea, especially for those who wouldn't recoginse a name immediate, even if there is the term prince/princes sin front. Whereas I think it's interesting purely from the angle that she is the only monarch of the generation by blood, and that she has 3 future monarchs as godchildren....

      You're welcome, regarding the in line positioning, it's actually something I think most people would've assumed ‘oh it's a female, well she'll be first til a male comes along type thing’. Actually it’s something I looked up the other week, that's how I know for sure :)

      Education and work wise (a little more info and some unlisted ones):
      · 1996/7 Université Catholique de l’Ouest in Angers, France, studied french primarily.
      · 1998, Yale University, USA, 5 semesters of study covering geology, history and international relations.
      · 2002, studied 'international studies' at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Sweden.
      · Completed Swedish basic military training.
      · Bachelor of Arts degree (with a peace and conflict studies major) from Uppsala University, Sweden
      · Also has done various internships and special work/study programs with various international agencies/Swedish government departments in Sweden and abroad.

      Languages spoken, you don't have heading for this, thus far but still: Swedish, English, French and German.

      P.s hope you don’t mind me pointing out, but… in the list of Victoria's godchildren you've spelt niece 'Neice' next to Leonore's name.