Thursday, 18 May 2000

Monaco - Country Bio

Current Monarch: HSH Prince Albert II (2005- Present)
Last 3 Monarchs: 
  • Prince Ranier III (1949-2005)
  • Prince Louis II(1922-1949)
  • Prince Albert I (1889-1922)
Heir to Throne:

HSH Crown Prince Jacques (b. Dec 2014)

Annual Royal Events:
  • Sainte Dévote Festival (Jan 27)
  • National Day (Nov 19) 
  • The Rose Ball
  • New Years Eve Address (December 31st)

Notable Royal Residences:  
  • Palais Princier in Monaco-Ville, Monaco
    • Official residence, working palace & meuseum
  • Roc-Agel in Côte d’Azur, France
    • Privately owned
    • Summer residence
Royal Website:

Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Head of State: HSH Prince Albert II
  • Head of Government: Serge Telle (Minister of State)
Member of the European Union: No
Member of United Nations: Yes, since 1993

Population: 38,400
Size: 2.02 km2 (0.78 sq mi)
Religion: Roman Cathloic
  • Official: French
  • Other widely spoken languages: Monégasque, English, Italian
English Speakers: English is widely spoken

National Anthem: Hymne Monégasque (Monégasque Anthem)

(In Monégasque)

Oilà cü ne toca !
Oilà cü ne garda !
Fò che cadün sace ben aiço d'aiçì
Despœi tugiù sciü d'u nostru paise
Se ride au ventu u meme pavayun
Despœi tugiù a curù russa e gianca
E stà r'emblema d'a nostra libertà !
Grandi e piciui r'an tugiù respetà !
Amu avüu sempre r'a meme tradiçiun ;
Amu avüu sempre r'a meme religiun ;
Amu avüu per u nostru unù
I meme Principi tugiù
E düsciün nun purà ne fa sciangià
Tantu ch'au cielu u suriyu lüjerà ;
Diu n'agiüterà
E mai düsciün nun purà ne fa scangià Düsciün
Nun sëmu pa gaïre,
Ma defendemu tüti a nostra tradiçiun ;
Nun sëmu pa forti,
Ma se Diu vœ n'agiüterà !
Oilà cü ne toca !
Oilà cü ne garda !
Fo che cadün sace ben ailo d'ailì

(In English)

Greetings, to our neighbors!
Greetings, to all those who are watching us!
It is important that you remember the following:
Forever, the same flag fly's happily in the wind
over our country
Forever, the colors red and white are the symbols
of our freedom
Old and young have always shown their respect.
We carry on the same traditions
We celebrate the same religion
We are honored to have always had the same Princes
And no one will make us change
As long as the sun shines in the sky
God will help us
No one will ever be able to make us change
No one.
There are not many of us
But we are vigilant over our identity
We are not very powerful
But if God chooses, he will help us.
Greetings, to our neighbors!
Greetings, to all those who are watching us!
Everyone should be aware of this.


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