Friday, 9 June 2000

HRH Princess Eugenie of York - Bio

Full Name: Eugenie Victoria Helena

Birth: Born on 23 March 1990 at Portland Hospital in London, England

Royal Family: British

Monarchs during life: Queen Elizabeth II (1952 - Present)

Relationship to current monarch: Grand Daughter

Place in line of succession:

At Birth: 6th in Line of Succession, behind sister Beatrice, father Andrew, cousin Harry, etc.

Current: 8th Line of Succession, behind sister Beatrice, father Andrew, cousin Harry, etc.

Church of England

Christening: 23 December 1990 at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham
  • God Parents: 
    • James Ogilvy 
    • Captain Alastair Ross
    • Susan Ferguson (Step-Grandmother) 
    • Julia Dodd-Noble
    • Miss Louise Bla
God Children:
  • Maud Windsor (2013)

Parents: Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah (née Ferguson)
  • Siblings: Princess Beatrice
Engaged to: Jack Brooksbank (To be married October 12th, 2018)

  • Newcastle University
  • Hauser & Wirth Art Gallery  (London, UK)
    • Director (2017 - Present)
    • Associate Director (2015-2017)
  • Paddle 8 (New York, USA)
    •  Benefit Auctions Manager (2013- 2015)
  • Christie's Art Auction (London, UK)
    • Intern (2010)
Kensington Palace
Royal Lodge in Windsor

Children's Health, Scoliosis, Art

Video of Eugenie speaking:

  • "I am so amazed by the amount of love, support, and gratitude everyone has for granny." - on Queen's Diamond Jubilee (2012)
  • "Doing art at Marlborough, where I went to school, was really quite tough, and I knew that it wasn't the direction I wanted to go. I'd rather show art and give people the joy of seeing it. I remember when I was still at school I went to New York for two days and went to see the gallerist Tony Shafrazi. I was doing a Jean-Michel Basquiat project for my A-levels and I walked into his gallery and it was all Basquiat. And you know what Shafrazi's like, he's amazingly charismatic and he had this booming voice and he took me around the show and ever since then, I just thought: 'Oh, I want to do that.' I want to see this art, I want to put it on the walls, I want to give people the feeling that he gave me when I saw it. Helping someone build up their collection is just so exciting. I know that when I'm building mine up, it's so much fun to see all the little bits you've got." - During Interview for Harper's Bazaar (2014)

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