Friday, 9 June 2000

HSH Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein - Bio

I'm working on filling in all of the bios, very very slowly.  Updates to Come.  
Full Name: Alois Philipp Maria

Title: Prince Regent

Birth:  Born 11 June 1968 in Z├╝rich, Switzerland

Country: Liechtenstein

Monarchs during life: 
  • Franz Joseph II (1938 - 1989)
  • Hans-Adam II (1989 - Present)
    • Prince Alois is Regent (2004-Present)
Relationship to current monarch: Currently Regent for his Father.

Place in line of succession:
  • At Birth: Not in Line of Succession 
  • Current: Regent/Heir
Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Christening: ?
    • God Parents: ?
  • God Children: ?
  • Parents: Prince Hans Adam II and Princess Marie
  • Marriage: Married Hereditary Princess Sofia (Then Princess Sophie of Bavaria) on 3 July 1993 at St. Florin's in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.
  • Children:
    • Prince Joseph Wenzel (1995)
    • Princess Marie Caroline (1996)
    • Prince Georg (1999)
    • Prince Nikolaus (2000)
  •  Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (UK)
  •  University of Salzburg (Austria)

Job: Full-Time Royal

  • Coldstream Guards (UK)
  • Accounting Firm (UK)
Residence: -

Causes: -

Video of Alois speaking: 


“I want to thank you dearly that with such a convincing ‘yes’ you have agreed to continue the 300-year-old partnership between the people and the royal house, which been so successful up to now,”  - On Voters rejecting proposal to abolish the ruling prince’s right to veto (2012)


Today, Liechtenstein is a proud, active and well-established member of the United Nations.
Since the very beginning, we have sought to prove that a very small member is able to make a positive contribution to multilateralism. In joining the UN, we were looking for a platform to work productively within the family of nations and to create a firm foundation for our national sovereignty. Today, I can say that our hopes have been met beyond our expectations." - On Liechtenstein's 25th anniversary of UN membership  (2015)

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