Wednesday, 6 September 2000

Prince Harry - Bio

Full Name: Henry Charles Albert David

Birth: Born at St Mary's Hospital (Lindo Wing) in London, England on 15 September 1984 at 4:20 pm. He weighed 6lb, 14oz.

Country: United Kingdom

Monarchs during life:
  • Queen Elizabeth II (1952 - Present)
Relationship to current monarch: Grandson

Place in line of succession:
  • At Birth: 3rd in Line of Succession, behind Charles & William 
  • Current: 5th in Line of Succession, behind Charles, William, George, & Charlotte 
Religion: Church of England
  • Christening: on 21 December 1984 at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle
    • God Parents: 
      • Prince Andrew (Uncle)
      • Lady Sarah Chatto (Cousin once removed)
      • Carolyn Bartholomew
      • Bryan Organ
      • Gerald Ward 
      • Lady Celia Vestey
  • God Children: (Harry has said he is God-father to 5 or 6 of his friend's kids)
    • Frederick "Fred" Pettifer (born 2001)
      • Son of Harry's former nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke
    • Jasper George Galloway Dyer (2012)
      • Son of Prince Charles' former equerry, Captain Mark William Galloway Dyer
      • Rumored
  • Grand Parents: Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip, and John, Earl of Spencer (d. 1992) & Frances Shand Kydd (d. 2004) + Stepmother & Stepfather from both of Diana's Parent's remarriage
  • Parents: Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Duchess Camilla (Step Mother)
    • Siblings: Prince William, Duchess Catherine (Sister-in-Law) 
  • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Job: -Full-Time Royals

  • British Army (2005 -2015)
    • 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan
Residence: Kensington Palace

Causes: AIDS/HIV, Armed Forces, Wounded Veterans, Conservation, Rugby, Mentorship, Youth, etc.

Video of him speaking:


Believe it or not I get incredibly nervous before public speaking no matter how big the crowd or the audience and despite the fact I laugh and joke all the time I get incredibly nervous, if not anxious actually, before going into rooms full of people when I'm wearing a suit. - For 2014 World Aid's Day #FeelNoShame Campaign


 For me, it's an added member of the family. It’s another team player as part of the bigger team and you know for all of us, what we want to do is be able to carry out the right engagements, carry out our work and try and encourage others in the younger generation to be able to see the world in the correct sense rather than perhaps being just having a distorted view. So you know, the fact that I fell, the fact that I fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly was a sort of confirmation to me that everything, all the stars were aligned. Everything was just perfect. It was this beautiful woman just sort of that -- she tripped and fell into my life; I fell into her life.  - Engagement interview 2017

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