Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Prince Albert Birthday Note (2015)

Yesterday I received another letter from Monaco. Inside was a note from Prince Albert thanking me for writing to him on the occasion of his Birthday. The Prince turned 57 on March 14th.

The note was quite typical of the couple, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. It was written on his Monogram (Charlene has her own, and the couple also have a joint one). The note is pre-typed for the occasion, with printed signature. As usual with Monaco the note was Bilingual, written in both English and French.

The note was dated the 14th, which is Prince Alberts Birthday. Pre-typed notes often have the date of the special occasion, or else the month the reply was written. You also sometimes see the date hand-written.

The letter is postmarked the 24th. The letter took 6 days to arrive in the mail, which is sooner than average for Monaco.

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