Monday, 9 March 2015

Yellow Sticky Notes & The Case of the Mysterious Flowers....

Has #RepliKate & #KateEffect Worn Off? This latest trend has yet to catch the Public's Attention. Read the story of One Women's Journey to #RepliKate, just like the Duchess. 

[Best if read in a Super Hero Film Narrator's voice] 

Today, Gertrude got an email telling her she had a package waiting at the Community Center of her University Dorm. She raced downstairs, unsure what she would find. She hadn't ordered anything off of Amazon as of late!

The Community Center was closed! Staff meeting!

Gertrude got a Smoothie & Tried Again.

The mystery got weirder when the package turned out to be a Vase of Flowers.
What was this about?

And why was the Note BLANK, except for Her Twitter Handle @GertsRoyals?

12 Hours Earlier: 

It all started with a simple, innocent tweet from @wabby (Westminster Abbey). The Queen, Phillip, Charles, Camilla, William and Catherine were set to arrive at Westminster Abbey for the annual Commonwealth Service.
Gertrude's first response, to seeing this tweet, was to tweet about what was sure to be a increase in the demand of Yellow Sticky Notes. After all, everything Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, touches from Designer Clothing, Beauty Products, even Vacation Destinations sells out fast #KateEffect.  Why not Yellow Sticky Notes?

Unfortunately for Gertrude, she was out of bouquets of flowers to #RepliKate with Yellow Sticky Notes.

She improvised!

Gertrude even called on her 375 twitter followers to follow this trend, and RepliKate themselves with Yellow Sticky Notes.

But no one answered that Challenge and she wondered why?

Back to the Present:

Who were these flower from and why did they send them to Gertrude?....

It wasn't Her Birthday?

She always use her Home Address when Writing to the Royals?

They couldn't be from Prince Harry then, could they?

Had He realized his love for her, and hunted her down?

Did She have a Stalker?

And if so, How could Gertrude let them know she preferred Chocolates and things with the Duchess of Cambridge's face on them?

Who even had Her Dorm Address?

Gertrude called her Roommate and asked about the flowers.

Rather Anticlimactically, her Roommate said, "Yes, The flowers are from me."

That solved that Mystery. 

Gertrude asked Her, "Why?"

 Roommate said, "You looked pathetic #RepliKating with a Tree!"

But now Gertrude didn't have to #RepliKate with a tree. She had her own bouquet of flowers to adorn with a Yellow Sticky Note.

But would this start a trend of Everyone #RepliKating Bouquet of Flowers withYellow Sticky Notes?

Only time will tell....

Post It (The Inventors of the Yellow Sticky Notes) have yet to confirm that the #KateEffect has had any impact on the Sale of Yellow Sticky Notes.

The Yellow Sticky Note appear to be size 3in.x3in., with Standard Stickiness and in a Canary Yellow color. Although the Exact Brand has yet to be Id'ed, you can find a similar product at most Office Supply Stores. Available in the UK and Most Other Countries.

Happy Commonwealth Day!!

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