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William, Catherine & Harry's Staff

William, Catherine & Harry have their office in Kensington Palace
Their "household" is funded by income from Duchy of Cornwall and the Sovereign Grant.
Catherine Quinn -  Kate's Private Secretary
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  • October 2017 - Present
  • Miguel Head - William's Private Secretary
    • 2008? - Present
      • 2008? to 2012 - Assistant Press Secretary
      • 2012 to Present - William's Private Secretary
    • Previously
      • Press Secretary for Charles and Camilla (?- 2008)

    Edward Lane Fox - Harry's Private Secretary

    • 2013 to present
    • Previously worked
      • Officer in Household Cavalry Regiment
    Jason Knauf - Head Communications Secretary
    • 2015 to Present - Head Communications Secretary
    Katrina (Kat) McKeever - Deputy Communications Secretary
    • Mid 2013 - Present
      • 2016 - Present - Deputy  Communications Secretary 
      • 2013- 2016 - Assistant Communications Secretary 
    Charlotte Pool - Communications Secretary
    • Mid 2015 - Present
      • Mid 2015 to April 2017 - Assistant Communications Secretary 
      • April 2017 to Present -  Communications Secretary 
    Natasha Archer - Personal Assistant

    • 2011 - Present
    • Often credited by media as Catherine's Stylist

    Sophie Agnew - ?
    • August 2014? - Present
      • ? to 2017 - Rebecca Deacon's assistant
      • 2017 to Present -? 
    Helen Asprey - Personal Private Secretary for Prince Harry
    • 2005 - Present
      • ? to 2011 - William and Harry's Personal Private Secretary 
      • 2011-2012 - William, Kate and Harry's Personal Private Secretary
      • 2012 to Present - Harry's Personal Private Secretary 
    Clara Madden - Project Officer to Prince Harry
    • 2012 - Present
      • 2012 to ? - Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton's Personal Assistant? 
      • ? to present -  Project Officer/ Assistant to Prince Harry
    Laura Baker (née Osbaldeston) - Kate's Assistant Private Secretary
    • 2014?? - Present 
      • 2014? - 2017?  - William's Assistant Private Secretary
      • 2017?-Present - Kate's Assistant Private secretary 
    • Previously 
      • Worked for Prince Charles
        • 2007-2011 Research Officer/ Senior Research Officer
        • 2013 - ??2015 
      • Worked for Cabinet Office
        • 2011- 2013
    Heather Wong  - Harry's Assistant Private Secretary
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    • 2016 - Present
    Mr. Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton - Advisor (Part-Time)

    • 2005 - Present
      • 2005 to 2013 - Private Secretary for William, Catherine (since her marriage) and Harry
      • 2013 to present - Advisor (Part-Time) 
      • 2017 to present - Extra Equerry
    • Previously worked
      • Armed Forces
      • Queen Mother from 1984 to 1986
    • Godfather to Prince George
    • His son was a Page Boy at William and Catherine's Wedding. 

    Sir David Manning - Foreign Affairs Adviser (Part-time)
    • 2009 to Present
    • Previously served as
      • British Ambassador
      • Adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair 
    Private staff of William and Catherine: (Cost is met privately)

    Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo - Nanny

    • 2014- Present
    • Trained at Norland College

    Amanda Cook-Tucker - Hair Dresser

    • 2012 - Present
    • Use to Cut William and Harry's Hair as Children

    Antonella Fresolone - Housekeeper for Kensington Palace
    • 2013 - Present 
    • Previously work for The Queen

    (Not a complete list)


    1. How do you know how long Clara has been working for Harry? I only ever heard she worked with Ed for special projects and only recently (2015) started working for the office.

      1. Gert's Royals12 April 2016 at 17:10

        I don't know how long she's been with Harry as project officer. But she has been in the office since 2012 (long before Ed came), she worked with the former Private Secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. I've seen a reference calling her his personal assistant, but I'm not sure about that.

    2. Dear Gert!
      You do not know when you happen to Rebecca's birthday? I can not find anything about it on the net. Thank you in advance for help.....

      1. Gert's Royals18 April 2016 at 07:36

        Rebecca Deacon's Birthday is in May, she is 33 and will turn 34 next month.

    3. if you don't see this one by Mark Stewart in twitter " And thanks to @KensingtonRoyal press team Jason, Katrina, Marnie & Charlotte for all your help. Great tour."
      and Natasha Archer worked for The Royal Household from August 2007 according her account on linkedin

      1. Gert's Royals25 April 2016 at 16:38

        Thanks for sharing this.

        It's my understanding that not all of those press officers actually work for William and Catherine's household. Jason and Katrina do, but I know they borrowed some staff from Buckingham Palace for the tour as well. I do know KP has a 4th press officer, but I don't know who it is.

        Also I don't tend to trust Linkedin Accounts, there is really no way of knowing whether that is her account, or a fake account..... Also Since 2007, doesn't means she has worked for William and Harry's household since then. In fact William and Harry didn't have their own household till 2009. Until then they worked out of Charles's office, Clarence House, and really didn't have their own staff.

      2. i found this article from tatler ( )..... they are said"she used to be her PA. 'Tash' has been working with the Royal Family since 2007, earning her big promotion in 2014 after giving her honest opinion on Kate's nude court shoes and proving that she was a dab hand at packing her royal tour suitcases - which is no easy task, believe us." i know that Not every things is right .... may be they build their information from Linkedin " i think her pic that is used in Linkedin ..mmmm private"

        Helen Asprey represented prince william and harry in the Funeral of Sir Brian McGrath (Extra Equerry to The Duke of Edinburgh and formerly Private Secretary and Treasurer to His Royal Highness) ... it is in CC 29 June

      3. Thanks. While I'm sure Natasha helps with some styling, I'm pretty sure her official role in Personal Assistant. (And when every KP tells the press type of staff they are bringing on tour, they always mention personal assistants, never stylists. Also a stylist wouldn't be paid for with Tax-payer funding, which Natasha is.) One of the problems with the media is once a story is out, it stays out there. All these articles about Natasha being Kate's stylist is just people repeating what was said in a article before them.

        As for Helen Asprey, I do believe in 2010ish she switched from working for William and Harry to just Harry, as their household started to expand and break off from Clarence House. But obviously It's all in the same household. Representing both of them at the funeral doesn't mean much. There was just no point in each of them sending a representative, Helen was there to represent the household. But I am glad you mentioned her being there. We don't ever see her at engagements so it's nice to confirm she's still working for them.

    4. there are pictures of Clara Madden (Assistant to Prince Harry) in Orlando 7 may*roo&search_newest.x=49&search_newest.y=7&search_newest=search#

    5. A few designers have said that they work with Natasha so I dont think we have to doubt the press when they say she acts as a stylist

      1. Acting like a Stylist and being a stylist are 2 different things. A personal assistant can act like a stylist, but they would do other things and would be pay for by tax payer funds. A stylist on the other hand would be payed for privately. And we know the privately funded staff brought on tour were nanny and hairdresser.