Thursday, 15 October 2015

Congratulate Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia on the announcement of their 1st child

We were so very excited to hear today's announcement from the Swedish Palace. We were not expecting this!!!

TRH Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are expecting their 1st child!!!

If you are as excited about the news as us, you probably want to send them a letter or card to congratulate them. The address is:

The Prince Couple
Kungl. Slottet
SE-107 70  Stockholm

You can also write Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, but that takes up more space on the envelope. You can refer to them as Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, or just Carl Philip and Sofia inside you letter. 

The birth is expected to take place in April of 2016. He or She will become 5rd in line to the Swedish throne, regardless of gender. The Couple married on June 13th this year.

When Carl Philip's sister Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill announced they were expecting another child in December, I wrote to congratulate the couple. I received a very lovely letter in reply with a picture of the family. You can see it here.

I also wrote to congratulate Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on their pregnancy announcement in September and have yet to receive a reply.

Feel free to type or hand write your letter or card. You don't need to write something long and elaborate. A few carefully chosen words or lines can go a long way. The best letters and cards are always the most personal ones. If you have trouble getting your thoughts out on paper, try writing a poem or drawing a picture. Poems and drawings can often create the most heartfelt and touching notes.

If you prefer to send a pre-made card, be sure to write a little note inside yourself. This will make the pre-made card more personal.

Basic Information of Writing to the Royals. 


  1. Which email address do I get in touch with the British Royal family?

    1. The British Royal Family does not have a email address the public can contact them with.