Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Queen Paola - Thank You for Your Kind Wishes (2015)

Today a piece of royal mail arrived. By all appearances, it certainly looked underwhelming. It lacked the pomp and circumstance of other pieces of royal mail and the crown on the back of the envelope is the smallest I have seen.

I certainly wasn't expecting to find what is probably one of the most favourite pieces of royal mail.

I had written to Queen Paola of Belgium after it was announced in August that she was taking a period of “total rest” under doctors orders, and would be cancelling all further engagements. It was reported by a number of papers that Queen  Paola had suffered a stroke, but the Palace made no comment. She has yet to resume official duties.

Queen Paola is the mother of King Philippe of Belgium. Her husband, King Albert II, abdicated in 2013.

Inside the envelope was a card. The front is pictured below, and features a number of messages for all occasions in a number of languages.

The back of the card features Queen Paola's Monogram and a picture of her, with a message from Queen Paola.

The message is actually printed on the card.

Queen Paola had written a handwritten message, that her office scanned and then printed. This done so that Queen Paola can send a handwritten message to everyone, without having to write out cards for each individual person. This is very lovely and makes each recipient feel very special.

The message is bilingual, writing in French and Dutch, both official languages of Belgium. The message translates roughly, "Wholeheartedly thank you for your kind wishes."

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  1. How long did you wait??

    1. I wrote in august when it was announced that Queen Paola was taking a period of "total rest" and I received this is October, so about 2 months, which is standard.

  2. What did you exacly write to her to get all this cards? You aaked dpr them ??

    1. It was just a brief message about how I was sorry to hear that she was taking a period of total rest, that I hoped she was well and that she could spend this time with her grandchildren, etc.

      I'm not sure what your 2nd question is asking.

    2. You asked for this cards?

    3. I don't every ask for anything when I write. I wrote to express my concern and send my best wishes.

  3. Maria kelly from Seoul17 December 2016 at 03:02

    what a big honor! ^^