Thursday, 12 November 2015

2016 Royal Babies

2016 is definitely turning out to be the year of the royal babies!

Upcoming Royal Babies:

Babies Born Earlier this Year: 
Our 1st royal baby of 2016 
 is from the UK! 

Isabella Alexandra May Windsor was born to Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London. The healthy baby girl was born on 16th January at 11:59 PM, weighting 6.75lbs. The baby became 48th in line to the British Throne.

Lord Frederick is the son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. He works in finance. Lady Frederick Windsor is an actress, most notable for her role as Zoey on the show Two and A Half Men. Professionally, she goes by her maiden name Sophie Winkleman. The couple have been married since 2009 and have a two year old daughter named Maud Windsor.

Don't know who Frederick's parents Prince and Princess Micheal of Kent are? 
They are the Queen's cousins. They are "working royals", who undertake official royal engagement on behalf of the Queen, just like William, Catherine & Harry (but without all the media attention and people ID'ing their clothes). They are not listed on the court circular and receive no public funding for their charitable and royal duties.

The 2nd Royal Baby of the year
 is from Bhutan! 

Prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck
was born on February 5th. He is the first child of King Jigme and Queen Jetsun. The little Prince is 1st in line to the throne.

King Jigme announced he and his wife were expecting during a speech to celebrate his father's 60th birth anniversary. Jigme has been King since December 2006, when his father abdicated.

The couple have been married since 2011. They both enjoy art and studied international relations in England: Jigme at Magdalen College, Oxford and Jetsun at Regent's University London.

Bhutan is a country in Asia located between China and India, and next to Nepal. It is a tiny and remote kingdom tucked away in the Himalaya mountains. They have been some what isolated from the outside world as a way to preserve traditional Bhutanese values and culture.

The 3rd Royal Baby of the year 
 is from Sweden! 

Prince Oscar Carl Olof was born on March 2nd at 8:28 PM, at Karolinska hospital in Stockholm. He  weighted 3655 gram and was 52 cm long. The little Prince is 3rd in line to the throne.

Prince Oscar is Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel's 2nd child. The couple have a 4 year old daughter, Princess Estelle.

This pregnancy was especially exciting, because some people thought it might never happen.

In May 2009, 3 months after getting engaged to Victoria, Daniel had a kidney transplant. Some of the medications used after kidney transplants can reduce fertility. Daniel had a problem with his kidney for many years before the surgery, but the condition is not hereditary. Daniel's father Olle Westling (right) was the donor.

The 4th Royal Baby of the year 
 once again is from Sweden! 

Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil was born on April 19th at 6.25 p.m at Danderyd hospital in Stockholm. The baby wighted 3595 grams and was 49 cm long. He is 5th in line to the throne.

This is Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia's first child.

Sofia has had a bit of a colorful past, most of which we will write off as youthful indiscretion. She is a certified yoga instructor and in 2010 cofounded a charity, Project Playground, to assist underprivileged children in South Africa.

Carl Philip races cars, sails and has appeared on a number of hottest young royal lists over the years.

The 5th Royal Baby of the year 
 is from Luxemborg! 

Prince Felix and Princess Claire welcomed their 2nd child, a son on November 28th! Prince Liam Henri Hartmut is 4th in line to the throne. The couple currently live in France where Clarie is working on a PhD. 

The couple also have a two year old daughter names Princess Amalia.


  1. There are two further royal (but not "reigning")babies on their ways:

    1. The second child of Archduke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen of Austria is expected in February 2016.
    2. The second child of Prince Jaime and Princess Viktoria of Bourbon-Parma is expected in Spring 2016.

    1. Yea, I was aware of those, there is also the Hereditary Prince Maximilian of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein whose expecting his 1st child.

      I didn't include them on the list because their from defunct monarchies or cousins on the monarch and I didn't think they were notable, and didn't think my readers would be interested.

      The Windsor are also a little removed from the Queen, but people know who they are or know who Frederick's parents are. I tend to be more lenient with British extended Royal Family.

  2. Hello,I just read your post about Royal babies born in 2016. The House of Isenburg also has a few new members. The new Head of the house of Isenburg Prince Alexander and Pss Sarah,have 2 daughters one born in 2016 Pss Alix 2017 Pss Zita.Also Prince Victor and his wife Pss Jungeun Anes have a little girl born in 2016 Pss Amalia. At the Ysenburg Royals it states new baby for them born 2018 it did not say boy or girl. I hope you have the chance to check this out. Also ADss. Kathleen of Habsbourg Lorraine is pregnant again with # 3 this child is do in the fall. Thank you for reading this.

    1. We don't cover former monarchies.