Monday, 2 November 2015

Queen Elizabeth II - Longest Reign

A letter came today from Buckingham Palace with the Queen's Cypher on the back of the envelope. It is your basic form letter, the exact same most people will receive if they wrote to the Queen congratulating her on becoming the longest reigning British monarch.  

There isn't really too much to say about the letter. Even though this isn't the most exciting of letters, it will definitely hold a special place in my collection, since it represents such a defining moment in British History.  

The Queen became the Longest Reigning British Monarch on 9th September 2015. Even though we will definitely have monarchs who life as long as the Queen, since she ascended to the throne so young, age 25, it will be very hard to surpass her. The currently age of a European Monarch ascending to the Throne is 47, and would have to live to 110 to match the Queen's reign. 

Prince Charles, if he ascended to the throne today, would have to live and reign to age 130, to surpass the Queen. For every additional year of the Queen's reign add 2 years to his "must reign too" age. 

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