Friday, 22 January 2016

Belgium Christmas Card

One thing I have noticed over my experience writing to the Royals is that each country has a very distinctive postmark. Without even reading the country name, I know immediately this envelope was from Belgium.

This postmark is quite simple, but you will notice that the postoffice put it on the bottom of the envelope, instead of the top. This is so that the Postmark doesn't overlap with the Monogram.

My thoughts are that is more about making sure the computers at the post office can read the postmark and properly sort the letter, than preserving the monogram.

Another interesting thing is of course the Monogram. You have Queen Mathilde's M, interlocked with a F & P for King Philippe. The F & P stand for the different spellings of King Philippe's name in the 3 official languages of Belgium.
  • French: Philippe
  • Dutch: Filip
  • German: Philipp(e)
Inside the envelope is the Royal Family's Christmas Card. The front of the card is simple, it has a red border with the couple's Joint Monogram. Inside the Card, is a message with a family picture.

The Message is written in the 3 official languages of Belgium as well as English: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." The King and Queen's signatures are printed onto the card, with their 4 children's names typed below (in order of age).  

I'm not entirely sure when the photo was taken. But photo released for Princess Elisabeth's birthday in November looks like it comes from the same shoot.


This was the 2nd time I had written to King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, the first being after the death of Queen Fabiola in 2014.

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  1. How long did you waited?

    1. I probably mailed my letter end of November/early December and the reply came Jan 22nd. I pretty sure they are sending out replies in batches.

      Some people got replies before me, others I know are still waiting. So If you wrote to them for Christmas, they are probably just a little busy this time of the year. They probably didn't start sending out replies till mid January and it can take a while.

      Late February is a little late, but still a reasonable time to expect a response from a Christmas letter, I am still waiting on a few myself.