Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Charles and Camilla Christmas Thank You

Today came Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's Christmas reply. It looks a lot like the standard Cambridge/Harry reply; postcard sized picture with typed message on the back. This is the 2nd time, I've gotten this type of reply from them. The first being Prince Charles's Birthday this past year.

For Prince Charles's previous birthday and Christmas I received letters. However, I have seen photo reply like this that other people have received from them in the past, so this isn't a big change.

The photo is of Charles and Camilla at the service to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, at St Paul's Cathedral on June 18, 2015. A little interesting they didn't choose to use the photo they had released for Christmas. It could be that photo was just for their private christmas cards. And they wanted their public christmas card to feature some of the work that they have done this year.

Interestingly Prince Charles Birthday reply this year, also featured him in uniform.

The message on the card, is slightly different and longer than the Cambridges, but says basically the same thing.

I want to apologize for the not so great quality of the front of the card. I think it is partly the printing of the card, and photoshopping. The printing caused it to be a little pixelated as well as have a stray line by Camilla's armrest and pillow behind her. They also blurred the background of the picture slightly, which gives everything sharpened a weird edge.

We are still waiting for a few more Christmas replies, we will post them when they arrive.  If you haven't seen it yet, we got the Cambridges Christmas reply Monday.

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  1. I received two the same cards even if I addressed my letter to them both :)

  2. Did you send Christmas card only to Camilla - as she might respond personally with a Christmas card?

    1. No, I sent one Christmas Letter address to both Charles and Camilla. I don't see why I would send a couple two responses.

      Also Christmas is such a busy time, she is probably only has time to send out personal responses to her family and friends, colleagues, etc.

  3. when did you send your letter?

    1. I started sending out my Christmas letters after Thanksgiving (November 26th) and finished them off the first and beginning of the 2nd week of December. I probably had them all sent out by Dec 8th. I didn't keep track when exactly I sent out each letter. Usually I do.

      If your waiting for a reply, Don't Worry, it always takes time for them to send them all out. Sometime the different response times can be a month, or two.