Thursday, 6 January 2000

Sophie's Official Patronages - Arts

In a effort to kept things organized this section features only Countess Sofia's Arts related patronages.  You can find links to all of her patronages here.

Halle Concerts Society
Patron (2003?)

Central School of Ballet
Patron (2003)

Wallace Collection
Patron (2006)

Wells Cathedral Chorister Trust
Royal Patron (2007)

Wells Cathedral Chorister Trust is a charity for the youth choir at Wells Cathedral in Wells, England. The trust allows boys and girls the chance to receive a first rate music education at Wells Cathedral School regardless of their families financial capabilities.

Previously called the "Wells Cathedral Girl Chorister Trust". Choirs like this were traditionally only made up of only boys. With the acceptance of girls, this Trust was set up to allow and encourage girls to join the choir and receive the same music education. In 2011, the trust was renamed and now provided financial support to both girls and boys.

Two Moors Festival
Patron (2007?)

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