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Sophie's Official Patronages - Conservation/Agriculture

In a effort to kept things organized this section features only Countess Sofia's Conservation/Agriculture  related patronages.  You can find links to all of her patronages here.

London Children's Flower Society
Patron (2004)

The London Children's Flower Society is a London based charity. They works to help children develop a skill in gardening.  They teach children how to grow and tend plants. The charity hosts a annual spring and summer gardening competitions for primary and special needs schools

The charity relies solely on grants and private donations.

The Queen Mum was previously Patron (?-2002).

President (2006-2007) Honorary Trustee (2007?- Current)

Queen is Patron (?-Present)

The Society has a number of royal as Honorary Trustees and President.

Prince Philip  President (1999-2000), Honorary Trustee (1999- current)
Prince Charles Honorary Trustee (2006? - current)
Prince Edward Honorary Trustee (2007?-)
Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester President (2003 - current)
Prince Andrew President (?1998-1999?)

Royal Bath and West of England Society
President (Nov 2009-Nov 2011) Vice Patron (Nov 2011-)

The Royal Bath and West of England Society is a charity formed in 1777 to promote and improve agriculture and related activities around the West Country of England. They organize a number of annual events each year, with their main event being Royal Bath and West Show. Sophie was president of their 2010 and 2011 Royal Bath and West Show.

Queen is currently the charities Patron (?- present).

The society has a number of Royals as President. They presidency usually runs for one year, and they are president of that years show.

Duchess Camilla - President (Nov 2013 - Nov 2014)
Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester  - President (Nov 2002- Nov 2003)
Princess Anne - President (Nov 1986- Nov 1987)
Prince Philip - President ( Nov 1981- Nov 1982)
Prince Charles - President (Nov 1977- Nov 1998)

Patron (2012/2013)

New Forest Agricultural Show Society
President (2016)

New Forest Agricultural Show Society is a organization that runs the annual the New Forest & Hampshire County Show.  The three day agricultural show is held at the end of July. The show features agriculture, forestry, equestrianism, horticulture and livestock.

Sophie is President of their 2016 show.

Devon County Show
Presiden elect (2016) President (2017)

Sophie is President of their 2017 show.

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