Saturday, 27 February 2016

Duchess Catherine's Birthday Response (2016)

Today, I received a reply for the letter I wrote to Duchess Catherine for her Birthday in January! The reply was sent a little over a month after her birthday, which is a great response time.

If the card looks at all familiar it's because it is. This is the exact same picture and message used for Catherine's reply last year.

There is no way to tell them apart. I was comparing the two, and I mixed them up. I was luckily able to figure out which was which, because one of them had gotten slightly dented in the mail, and I could match the dent with the dented envelope, which of course has a postmark on the date and other distinguishing features (See Below).

The picture was taken by Arthur Edwards during the Cambridges visit to Only Connect's Head Office on 19th November 2013. Only Connect works with ex-offenders and young people at risk of offending to give the the skill, tools and opportunities to develop and pursue their life goals in a productive way.

This is quite a old photo (26 Months old), even old for last years reply (14 Months old). Of all the photos I've gotten from various royals, Catherine's Birthday replies (and Duchess of York) are the only ones I've gotten that have pictures over 6ish months old. Usually the photos are fairly recent.

The envelope looked just like the usual. But what was most interesting is it came in an envelope with William's monogram on the back. Catherine's mail usually comes in envelopes with her Golden Monogram. It was either a simple mistake, or they ran out of envelopes.

It would have been nice to see something new for her Birthday reply. I had been hoping for a picture of her becoming Honorary Air Commandant in December. I though that was a really important/ defining moment for her in the last year.(besides the birth of Princess Charlotte).

The Cambridges have a habit of sending out the same messages on their cards every year, although usually the picture is changed up, so you have something new. Or they will send out the same picture, but for different events, so the message is different.

A lot of Royals will vary their message slightly year from year.  This can be a little different wording or simply simply changing 30th Birthday to 31st Birthday.

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  1. He is probably the most photographed in the British royal family. Much better photos of it, and that this year it is planned right now. I'm not happy with this, because I look forward to even answer a letter from the Duchess.

  2. Hello! I have a question. Do you know how long do I have to wait for a response from the Duke or Duchess of Gloucester? Thank you for answer ;)

    1. Gert's Royals29 February 2016 at 17:58

      I've written to the Gloucesters twice. The first response for the Duchess's Birthday came about a month after I sent my letter. I never received a reply for my 2nd letter for the Duke's Birthday in August.

  3. Today, I received a reply for the letter from Duchess Catherine too. The same picture and message used last year. You think that fewer people write to him because I always send the same picture?Harry's birthday and at Christmas he sent the same picture, just the text was different .....
    If you go to the Twitter page, uploaded write a few answers ....

    1. Gert's Royals2 March 2016 at 07:10

      I don't think the reason Harry used the same picture for his Christmas and Birthday reply is because fewer people write to him. I don't think that is true. I think Clarence House likes to reuse photos when they can because it's more efficient.

      The Cambridges do reuse photos as well. I have many duplicate photos from them. The Cambridges tend to use solo photo for Birthday replies. For Christmas they use a family photo. Which is why they can't use the same Birthday and Christmas photo, but Harry can.