Thursday, 18 February 2016

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip Christmas Thank You (2015)

Letters from the Queen are always extra special when they are sent from Sandringham!

I had written to The Queen and Prince Philip for Christmas, and as you may know they spend their holiday break at Sandringham. The envelope is exactly the same as the ones from Buckingham Palace, except for the postmark. The back of the envelope features the usual cypher (seen below on the letter).

The letter arrived yesterday, and took a little longer to arrive than normal, partly because I just moved and my mail is getting forwarded. A February reply for a christmas note is perfectly reasonable. The Queen's staff is obviously very busy before christmas, then on holiday and then taking a while to catch up on everything. I'm still waiting on a few more Christmas replies, which I hope/would expect by the end of the month.

Inside the envelope is a letter written by Mary Morrison, one of the Queen's Ladies in Waiting. Instead of the usual Buckingham Palace under the Queen's Cypher, it says Sandringham House where the letter was written.

From the reply it's quite clear that Mary Morrison read my letter. The letter mentions that I had written to both the Queen and Philip. (I have written to both of them before, but this is the 1st reply I have gotten that acknowledges that.) It also mentions my "kind words" in advance of the Queen's 90th this year, as well as me talking about the royal family as a whole, which are not things every letter written to the Queen for Christmas are going to mention.

I know the Queen is given a selection of letters and cards to read over her christmas break at Sandringham. Who knows if my letter was actually one of those. My letter may have just ended up at Sandringham because the Queen's Ladies-in-waiting wanted letters to reply to when they had a little down time.

People receive replies, for their Christmas letter, from both Sandringham and Buckingham Palace. In fact last year, there was some mix up in their office and I received two replies from my christmas letter. One from Sandringham and one from Buckingham.  I do how ever feel like this year's letter is more personal than in the past.

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