Saturday, 16 April 2016

Day 1 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

On 16th November 2010, Clarence House announced Prince William's engagement to Catherine Middleton!

Engagement Speculation (2 mins)

Engagement Photocall at St. James Palace (4 mins)

Engagement Interview (17 mins)

Opening of Documentary: "William & Kate: In their own words"  (5 mins)

Discussion: What was your reaction to first hearing about William and Catherine's engagement? Were you expecting it? Did you even follow the Royals back then? (Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

Sneak Peak at Day 2: Tomorrow (or Tuesday if you're watching this early), we will look at the response to the engagement, by the public and Royal Family. Day 2 will also feature a bit on William and Catherine post-engagement.

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  1. Gert's Royals16 April 2016 at 17:55

    I had been a Royal Watcher for a number of years before to their engagement, but I really started following more closely when all those engagement rumors started swirling. You really couldn't help it, they were constantly on the front covers of all of my magazines.

    I think we were all expecting the engagement, and wanted it to happen soon, but every time we expected William to propose or there were rumors we were sadly disappointed.

    My first reaction to the engagement was to double and triple check the news since there had been so many false alarms and rumors. I was quite excited to find out it was true. I immediately called up my friend and we started making plans to watch the Royal Wedding together.

  2. Jenna for Texas16 April 2016 at 18:22

    I love the 4th Video! I have never seen that before! I love watching behind the scene of the engagement interview!!! I'm going to watch every day your Wedding Review!! Thank You So VERY Much!

  3. Prince William and Kate Middledun, i did not know then. Prince George when he was born, I started following the Royal. I wish them a very happy marriage.

  4. I have been following the Royals when I was five and my mom made us wake up early to watch Princess Diana's funeral! I absolutely love Prince William and Kate Middleton! I also woke up early to watch they Wedding 5 years ago! I was really excited when they said they were getting engaged. I really liked Kate especially her hair.