Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Day 12 - Royal Wedding Review

1. Did you enjoy our Royal Wedding Review?
Anything we can do to improve the Royal Wedding Review, either this one, or in future?

2. Do you want to do this again, this year? 
For another milestone anniversary.

3. If Yes, Whose Wedding?

Possibilities include: 
Albert and Charlene of Monaco (5th Anniversary)
Jigme and Jetsun of Bhutan (5th)
Hakkon and Mette-Maritt of Norway (15th)
Charles and Diana (35th)
Carl Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden (40th)

My vote is Monaco or Bhutan!  They will have the most video available, since their weddings actually happened during a time when Youtube existed. Plus a lot of the coverage is in English!  

Bhutan will likely be a short review, only a few days.

4. And if We did Monaco, would you all be interested in a "Day one" and "Jour un," with Bi-lingual coverage? (I.e. Do you Speak French? and are you interested in French Coverage?)

They would be on separate pages. And would likely have slightly different videos.  

5. Thoughts on our Bonus Day? 
You have checked it out right? It's one of my favorite days!

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  1. I want to see Princess Charlene's wedding! And maybe you could do some about her babies as well. :)

  2. In question order:
    Yes - hmm maybe do mini versions lasting a few days for all of them, such as a day or two on the wedding, the lead-up, celebrations etc, and a post or two on their family/relationship since... though in preference order I'd choose CG & Silvia, Albert & Charlene, Charles & Diana, J & J, then Hakkon & M-M. Or alternatively Victoria and Daniel.
    I don't think you writing in a different language would matter too much even if people couldn't speak it , with google chrome's ability to translate entire pages at a tap of a button, or highlighting of text.
    Yep, it was fabulous ,well from what I've watched so far. I like hearing the different translations/interpretations even if I can't understand them fully, and seeing how significant royal event/milestones are translated in different regions/cultures.

    Great work though Gert :)