Monday, 18 April 2016

Day 2 - Cambridge Royal Wedding Review

On 16th November 2010, Clarence House announced Prince William's engagement to Catherine Middleton! Day One focused on the Engagement announcement. Today, we will look at the various reactions to the news.

Michael and Carole Middleton  (2 mins) (Pardon the video title)

PM David Cameron  (2 min)

Prince Charles  (1 min)

    Princess Anne  (1 min)

    Afghanistan Troops (2 mins)

    India (1 min)

    Canada (1 min)

    Australian Prime Minister (Julia Gillard) & Leader of the Opposition (Tony Abbott) (3 min)

    First Official Engagement  (1 min)

    Royal Mint (2 mins)

    Lunch with the Queen (2 mins)

    Last Engagement Before Wedding (1 min)

    Royal Parks  (3 mins)

    International Space Station Expedition 27 crew (1 min)

    Discussion:  Do you think Catherine (& William) was prepared for all the global interest surrounding their engagement and wedding? Do you think the world is more interesting in the Cambridges today, or when they got engaged? (Post your thoughts in the comment section below).

    Sneak Peak at Day 3: Tomorrow, we move a little closer to the actual ceremony and look at Wedding Preparations.

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    1. I think William and Catherine are a lot more well know today, than they were back in 2010. The Engagement and Wedding really throw the spotlight back onto the British Royals. And the World has gotten to know them much better over the years.

      William and Catherine have kept the public interested, but I think people have gotten a little bored with their quite lives. I think the public wants more excitement, drama and a look into their private lives.

    2. Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge are very big. They are known all over the world even in China where I live. William came and visited us last year. We can not stop talking about him and Kate! They are very important over here, with Prince George and Pricness Charlotte! We like them very much.

    3. I think people are much more interested in Kate than they are William. I think William's solo tour to China and Japan last year wasn't as interesting for people as the trip he did with Kate to India and Bhutan.

      Willilam is quite boreing. He's bald and always wears the same lame clothes. All people really care about is what Kate wears.

    4. I don't think Princess Anne really cared about Prince William getting engaged, she just wanted to get to her car.

    5. Jenna for Texas19 April 2016 at 11:50

      I don't know why some people are so rude to the Middletons. They have always seemed like a very lovely family, who would rather not be in the spotlight, But put up with it because they know how much Kate loved William. I think they also really want to protect George and Charlotte and give them a normal life.