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HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark - Bio

Full Name: Frederik André Henrik Christian

Title: Crown Prince, Count of Monpezat

Birth: Born on 26 May 1968 at Rigshospitalet, in Copenhagen.

Country: Denmark

Monarchs during life: 

  • Frederick IX (1947-1972) 
  • Margrethe II (1972 - Present)

Relationship to current monarch: Eldest Child & Heir

Place in Line of Succession:
  • At Birth: 2nd in Line, behind his mother Princess Margrethe
  • Current: 1st in Line
Religion: Church of Denmark
  • Christening: Christened on 24 June 1968 (1 Month) at Holmens Kirke (Church of Holmen)
    • God parents
      • Count Etienne de Laborde de Monpezat (Uncle) 
      • HM Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (Aunt)
      • Prince Georg of Denmark
      • Baron Christian de Watteville-Berckheim
      • HRH Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg
      • Birgitta Juel Hillingsø
  • Confirmation: Confirmed on 28 May 1981 (Age 13) at Fredensborg Palace Chapel
  • Godchildren:
    • HRH Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark 
    • HH Prince Nikolai of Denmark (Nephew)
    • Countess Ingrid von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth 
    • HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway
  • Parents:  Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik (died 2018)
    • Siblings: Prince Joachim
  • Marriage: Married Mary Donaldson on 14 May 2004 at Copenhagen Cathedral, in Copenhagen. The wedding festivities were held at Fredensborg Palace.
  • Children:
    • Prince Christian (b. 2005)
    • Princess Isabella (b. 2007)
    • Prince Vincent (b. 2011)
    • Princess Josephine (b. 2011)
  • Aarhus University (Denmark)
  • Harvard University (USA)
  • Royal Danish Defence College (Denmark)

Job: Full-Time Royal

First Secretary of Embassy at Danish Embassy in Paris, France

  • Frederik VIII's Palace
  • Chancellery House at Fredensborg Palace in Fredensborg
    •  Spring and Autumn home 
Causes: Sport, Music, Olympics, Conservation

Video of them speaking:


"Dear John (Father-in-Law),

What a privilege. What a thrill. What an extraordinary feeling of happiness you have created in me. One might say that Mary also belongs to you, but as of today she belongs to me and I belong to her.

But there is much more to that sentence than just words. It signifies the end of a period of freedom, of an era, where accountability was up to me alone. this sentences also has another side which is only just beginning. To me, it means responsibility, trust and sharing.

By allowing me to take Mary's hand and lead her onwards in new life, for better or for worse, you have shown me that you trust me to be capable and responsible in that act throughout life, it's called love. For that, I am very grateful to you. I love her and I will protect her with all my heart. I will do my best to make her feel confident and at home in her new country. "
- Beginning of Wedding Toast (2004)


"Australia holds a very special place in our hearts and we (Frederik and Mary) are proud to be able to contribute to a further deepening of the longstanding and warm relationship that exists between our two nations. Denmark and Australia share many of the same values, culture and interests which form a solid basis for successful cooperation and partnerships in many areas between our two countries."
- Speech at the official Parliament House luncheon in Canberra, Australia (2011)


"I welcome you to my home: Frederik XIII Palace. This palace was renovated, updated and re-engineered to meet the demands of a modern energy efficient home, whilst preserving the atmosphere of an 18th century Palace." 
- Speech at Global Green Growth Forum (2011)

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