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HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway - Bio

Full Name: Mette-Marit

Title: Crown Princess

Birth: Born on 19 August 1973 in Kristiansand, Norway

Country: Norway

Monarchs during life:
  • Olav V (1957-1991)
  • Harald V (1991- Present)
Relationship to current monarch: Daughter-in-Law

Place in line of succession:
  • At Birth: Not in Line of Succession 
  • Current: Not in Line of Succession
Religion: Church of Norway
  • Christening: ?
    • God Parents: ?
  • God Children: 
    • Prince Christian of Denmark
    • Prince Oscar of Sweden
    • Prince Odysseas-Kimon of Greece and Denmark 
    • Emma Tallulah Behn (Neice)
  • Parents: Sven O. Høiby and Marit Tjessem. Mette-Marit is 1 of 4 child.  
    • Siblings: 
      • Espen Høiby
      • Per Høiby 
      • Kristin Høiby Bjørnøy 
    • Divorce: Her parents divorced in ? and her father later married Renate Barsgård. Rennet had a son, Trond Berntsen, from a previous marriage. 
  • Child from Previous Relationship:
    • Marius Borg Høiby (1997)
  • Marriage: Married Crown Prince Haakon on 25 August 2001 at the Oslo Cathedral
    • Children:
      •  Princess Ingrid Alexandra (2004)
      •  Prince Sverre Magnus (2005)
  • Agder University College (Norway)
  • University of Oslo (Norway)
  • School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London (UK)
  • BI Norwegian School of Management (Norway)

Job: Full-Time Royal

  • Worked for Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce in London, UK
  • Cafe Engebret in Oslo, Norway
Residence: Skaugum, outside Oslo

Causes: Literacy, Environment, Global Health, Mental Health, HIV and AIDS, Children, Art

Video of them speaking:


"I have had the opportunity to visit countries facing major AIDS-related challenges. I have seen how society structures and health services are being paralyzed by this disease. I have spoken with young HIV positive women about their prospects for the future, seen despair but also hope – and impressive stamina amongst those who are hardest hit.

In my view, there are two tracks to follow:
The first is to secure global access to testing, treatment and care. The second is to ensure that stigma is not a hindrance in the global fight against AIDS."- At Global Fund Conference (2007)


"My longstanding engagement in environmental issues started already as a child when I grew up on the south coast of Norway. I grew up spending my summers in my uncle’s small boat, roaming small islands for things we could play with. We found plastic cans, old fish nets, ropes and all sorts of exciting treasures. As a grown up I still collect plastic on beaches but with a sad heart and not the same joy. The world has changed. So have I - and the type of plastic I found this weekend on a beautiful beach in Lyngen is very different. Now we still find ropes, old fish nets and big cans, but the amount of plastic from consumer goods was astounding." - At WWF Annual Conference (2015)

(You will notice part of this speech appears in the video above, of her speech at 2015 EAT Food Forum)

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