Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Envelope - (Writing to the Royals)

The Envelope?
Some of the most common questions I get asked about writing to the Royals are about the envelope. How do I address it? Where do things go? How much postage? etc.

These are hard questions to answer because it depending on what country you are from. Different countries format their envelopes differently.

To help answer your questions, I have created a list of National Post Services with links to their website. You can find it here. They should answer some of your basic mailing/envelope questions.

One thing every postal service asks is to write clearly on the envelope. It can be typed or handwritten in Black or Blue ink. (Other color ink may be hard for a mail sorting machine to read).

Name of Royal:
The name of the Royal is important because it helps to make sure your letter gets to their office. Royal Palaces get a lot of mail each day for different royals and staff. You want to make it clear who the mail is for so it can get to the right office.

You can address it anyway people might normally address that royal (as long as it is respectful, clearly understood, and will fit on the envelope).

For example, for Queen Elizabeth of the UK you may use any of the following (or something similar):
HM Queen
Her Majesty The Queen
The Queen
Queen Elizabeth
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second 
Elizabeth II
HM Queen of the United Kingdom

You can get more specific, and address HM in a way that is more personal to you:

HM Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth
HM Queen Elizabeth of ______ (Insert Commonwealth Country)
 Your Grace Queen Elizabeth I  (For Scotts)
Frenhines Elisabeth yr Ail (Welsh)
 Mrs. Elizabeth Windsor  (For Anti Monarchists)

I recommend you write the Royal's Name in one of the country's official languages, or English. All the European Royals are fluent in English, so it is always perfectly acceptable.

The Royal's Address:

This part is easy. We have a list of Royal Address, you can find it here.

Note: The addresses are sometimes written in the royal country's language. That is okay. Your country's post service doesn't need to understand the whole address, they just need to send it to the right country. Then that country's post service will deliver your letter to the right place. 

We have written the "COUNTRY NAME" in English, but it is best if you translate the "COUNTRY NAME" into your country's language. That way your post service can easily send your letter to the right country. The "COUNTRY NAME" should be written in all CAPITAL LETTERS, so the sorting machines can easily read it. 

Return Address? 
This is your address, where the reply should be sent. Write your address in the way it is usually done in your country, in your country's language. 

This will depend on your country. Letters sent internationally requires more stamps than a letter sent to someone in your country. Letters that are not a standard size, shape, or thickness may need more stamps.

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  1. What's a great article! I wanna send a letter to the Queen Elizabeth, she is my favourite woman!
    I can add only one advice. Always check your recipient postal address in your post or on-line: http://worldpostalcode.com/united-kingdom/ Cos one time my letter rurned to me due to wrong postcode.

    1. The good news is if you are writing to a Royal using the address we have on our blog you don't need to worry about that. We have already double and triple checked the addresses.

  2. I will send my letter to Kate, what title should I write? Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, or Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, or just Duchess of Cambridge?