Sunday, 11 September 2016

Princess Beatrice - Birthday Reply (2016)

Quite excited to receive this reply over the weekend.

I wrote to Princess Beatrice early last month for her 28th Birthday. This reply came about a month latter, which makes it a few weeks earlier than last year's birthday reply.

It is the typical reply you see from Prince Andrew's Office. The letter was written by Andrew's Private Secretary, Amanda Thirsk and hand-signed.

The Envelope is the usual you see from the British Royals as well, with Prince Andrew's Cypher on the back. What is a bit unusual is the Royal Mail's postmark (in Black). Usually letters from the British Royals just feature's their red postmark (w/ EIIR and Buckingham Palace). This red postmark is used regardless of which royal's office it is sent from, Buckingham Palace or not. 

The first part of the black Royal Mail postmark reads the ‘Royal Mail proud to support Stroke Association’. Stroke Association is the Royal Mail's Charity Partner and is their "Charity of the Year" for September 2014-Septemebr 2016. This postmark is used on Occasion over that two year period to raise awareness for the cause. 

The Queen is Patron of Stroke Association and the Duke of Kent is President. 

The second part of the postmark reads "Royal Mail, Mount Pleasant Mail Centre." The Mont Pleasant Mail Centre is in London and use to be one of the world's largest sorting offices.

Note: We are in the very slow process of re-doing the "Writing to the Royals" tab. We kind of hate it right now. But everything you need is still there. We are just going to make it better and easier to use.

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