Thursday, 8 September 2016

Writing to the Royals - The Basics

"In these days of texting and various social media "apps", the well-constructed sentence is under mortal threat!  As someone who relies on the well-aimed letter - and relishes the ones in return! -  I can only say how strongly I feel that the logical ordering of thoughts in proper, grammatically correct prose is in fact rather important at the end of the day." - Prince Charles

You are here because you want to write to the Royals. It can be a daunting process. They are royals, and it is intimating. You want to be proper and correct, but you don't know how. 

The good news is you don't have to worry.  As long you are being respectful, and follow some basic advice it is hard to go wrong.

And if you do mess up, don't worry. I have seen plenty of letters from royals with mistakes: misspelled names, spelling errors, wrong addresses, accidentally sent wrong reply, sent two replies, etc.  They aren't prefect, you don't need to be perfect either. Just try your best. 

We have a lot of information on our blog about Writing to the Royals. But this is the basics.

How to format your letter is up to you. But your letter should include:
  • Your name 
  • Full return address
    • Including COUNTRY
  • Date
    • Month written out (i.e. write May, not 5) 
  • The name of the Royal you are writing to
    • "Your Royal Highness" could refer to a number of people. So somewhere on the letter make sure it is clear exactly who you are writing to. 
  • Your Message
How you format the envelope depends on the country you are sending it from. But all Envelope should include:
  • The name of the Royal you are writing to
  • Address of the Royal 
    • Including COUNTRY
  • Your Name
  • Return Address
    • Including COUNTRY
  • Enough Postage/Stamps

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