Friday, 2 December 2016

Prince Charles Birthday Reply - (2016)

Just as I was fretting about getting all my Christmas Letters written in time, this lovely piece of royal mail dropped in my mail box yesterday.

I could immediately tell that this was from Prince Charles by the red Prince of Wales' Feathers on the back of the envelope. (They also appear on the top of the letter.)

I had written to Prince Charles for his 68th birthday last month. Usually Clarence House responds with a photo with typed message on the back. It's a generic birthday thank you, they send out to everyone. You can see Prince Charles Birthday reply from last year for an example of that.

But this year I received a very nice and personal letter from Miss Claudia Spens. (I know other people received the usual photo reply.)

I think the letter is pretty self explanatory. What I really like about it is, it mentions all the things I talked about in my Birthday Letter to Charles. Often letters can be kind of vague, "Thank you for your kind wishes," but this mentions specifically what I wrote about and is responsive to that.

I also think this is one of the longest letters I have received from a royal.

I wrote 3rd November. This came 1st December, so it took just under a month.

Royal Letters/Cards for Christmas should be mailed out by Monday!!

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