Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Netherlands' Christmas, Birth of Prince Liam & Countess Sophie DofE Challenge

I've received a few replies over the last few days. 

Netherlands Christmas 

The first reply is from the Netherlands. I had written to King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima in early December to wish them a very Merry Christmas!

They sent a very lovely card in reply. The card is the same as their Christmas Card from last year. The big difference is this year I got the card in English, instead of Dutch. And the picture on the front is different. 

This card was produced by Belarto in the Netherlands to raise money for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund). This year and last year's card come from the same Christmas Card set, called "Classic Winter Paintings." The Christmas cards are still available for sale from UNICEF

It's really great to see the couple using their Christmas Card to support such a great cause. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima have been long supporters of UNICEF and the United Nations. Both of them have sat on various advisory boards for the UN.

Queen Máxima is currently a United Nations Secretary General’s Special Advocate. She is working with their Inclusive Finance for Development program, which helps and encourages countries to create financial programs, such as saving accounts, insurance, loans.

What was also interesting is this card was sent to my old address, which means The Netherlands also has a system where they store people's address when they write. 

Birth of Prince Liam 

I had written to Prince Felix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg in late November to congratulate the couple on the birth of their son, Prince Liam. And yesterday I received a very lovely note in reply. 

Not much to say about that. But one thing I found very interesting about this reply is the font. I guess I'm just really use to Royals always sending pretty identical replies. So it is very interesting to see the Luxembourg Royals mix it up with different fonts, colors and alignments. 

Countess Sophie Thank You Email!

This was a big surprise when I opened my inbox last week and found a email from the Countess of Wessex. I had donated to Countess Sophie's Duke of Edinburgh's Diamond Challenge's Just Giving Page back in September. 

Countess Sophie had biked 445 miles from the Palace of Holyrood in Edinburgh to Buckingham Palace in support of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Diamond Anniversary Appeal.

This email was sent out to all those who donated to her Just Giving Page. Of the £ 307,491 donated, only 8% (£281,804.00
) of that came from online donations on her Just Giving Page. 

The email is very interesting because (1) it the first Royal Email I've gotten, and (2) I've sent a number of letters to the Wessexs over the years, including to congratulate Sophie on completing her DofE Challenge, and never got a reply.

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  1. Emil does not try to write it, so no chance to reply to me.But this ansew is a great joy for you.Congratulation!!!

  2. I also got reply from Netherlands, but with different image. Anyway, the relies are cute and the fact they use UNICEF card make me like them even more.

    1. The set had 5 different pictures on the front of the card. So people got different ones.