Sunday, 3 September 2000

Japan Royal Family Tree (Extended)

Note: Children are in order of birth, not line of succession. 
  • HIM Emperor Shōwa (Reigned 1926- 1989)(Died 1989) married to HIM Empress Kōjun (Died 2000)
    • Mrs. Shigeko Higashikuni (Died 1961) married to Morihiro Higashikuni (Died 1969)
      • (Note: The former Princess & Prince were stripped of their titles by the American occupation forces, who had abolished the nobility.)
      • Children not in Line of Succession 
    • HIH Princess Sachiko (Died at 6 months in 1928)
    • Mrs. Kazuko Takatsukasa (Died 1989) married to Mr. Toshimichi Takatsukasa (Died 1966)
      • Child not in Line of Succession 
    • Mrs. Atsuko Ikeda married to Mr. Takamasa Ikeda (2012)
    • HIM Emperor Akihito (Reigned 1989- present) married to HIM Emperorss Michiko
      • HIH Crown Prince Naruhito (1st in Line) married to HIH Crown Princess Masako
        • HIH Princess Aiko
      • HIH Prince Akishino (2nd) married to HIH Princess Kiko
        • HIH Princess Mako
        • HIH Princess Kako 
        • HIH Prince Hisahito (3rd)
      • Mrs. Sayako Kuroda married to Mr. Yoshiki Kuroda
    • HIH Prince Hitachi (4th) married to HIH Princess Hanako
    • Mrs. Takako Shimazu married to Mr. Hisanaga Shimazu
      • Child not in line of succession 

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