Monday, 16 October 2017

Cambridge 3rd Child & Prince Harry's Birthday Reply (2017)

Two Replies came today, both of them from the UK.

The Cambridges

I had written to the Cambridge last month to congratulate them on the wonderful news that they are expecting their 3rd child! The reply is their usual postcard size photo with typed message on the back.

The photo is from a year ago on the Cambridge's Tour of Canada. It is the same photo as they used in their 2016 Christmas reply, except the Christmas reply did not have a white border.

The message is the same as their reply for the announcement of their 2nd pregnancy, except for the obvious change of 2nd child to 3rd.

I can't wait for the new little Cambridge Addition!!!

Prince Harry

My 2nd reply is also from the UK. I had written to Prince Harry last month for his 33rd Birthday. I got a letter instead of the usual photo reply, which happened last year as well.

It's always nice to get a thoughtful letter, mentioning specific things I wrote about, but I would have loved to get the photo card of Prince Harry. 

We have started making our 2018 "Writing to the Royals for Christmas" guide. I should be up November 1st, so look out for that. Let us know if there is anything special you want to see. 

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  1. Ms. Daly: I received the photo yesterday! Look: