Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Monaco Twins Birthday & Belgium Christmas Reply (2017)

Two replies arrived today! My first of 2018!

Monaco Twin's

The first reply is from Monaco. I had written at the end of November for Christmas and the Twins 3rd birthday. As they usually do, the Monaco Royals sent out sperate replies for the two events. The first to arrive is the Twin's Birthday reply.

The envelope is the usual. It features a basic international stamp of Prince Albert, that was first issued in 2006. It has a "Joyeuses Fêtes/Happy Holidays" Postmark. The Monaco Post uses this same postmark each year from about the Monday before Christmas till December 30th.

The "Service de S.A.S. le Princesse de Monaco/ Service of HSH The Princess of Monaco" mark is a little interesting. I would expect a reply from both of the couple to feature the "Service of HSH The Prince of Monaco." But they've gotten things like that mixed up before.

The reply inside is a card. It's the same as the Twin's past birthdays reply, but with different wording. One side of the card has a typed message in French and on the other side is the message in English.

The top of the card features Jacques & Gabrielle's double monogram, with the Monaco Royal Coat of Arms.

This is the 1st time I've received the Twin's Birthday reply before the family's Christmas reply. But they usually arrive about the same time, so I will expect the Christmas reply any day now.

King & Queen of Belgium

The 2nd reply is from Belgium, for the Christmas letter I sent King Philippe & Queen Mathilde. 

The envelope is the usual we see from them. It features the King & Queen's Joint Monogram, an F/P & M under a crown. The F/P represent King Philippe's name in Belgium's 3 official languages: French - Philippe, Dutch - Filip, & German - Philipp. 

Inside is the family's Christmas Card. It's the same as past years, except for the new photo and year.

The front of the card, again features the King & Queen's joint Monogram.

Inside is a message in Belgium's 3 official languages (Dutch, French & German) and English. The two signatures are printed on, and are the same one used on their past card. The children's names are listed by order of age. 

The inside of the card also features a new family photo taken at the Royal Palace in Brussels. I'm not a huge fan of the black & white photo. I think the past Christmas cards were especially lovely with their bright bold colors. But I do like the more relaxed look, with Elisabeth & Mathilde in pants instead of dresses.

L-R: Princess Elenore (9), Princess Elisabeth (16), King Philippe, Prince Emmanuel (12), Queen Mathilde, & Prince Gabriel (14).

I believe the photo was taken in September, as photos from the same shoot were released for Princess Elisabeth & Prince Emmanuel's Birthdays in October.

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