Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla and Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg - Christmas Reply (2017)

Two replies came in the mail today.

Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla

The first reply is from the UK for the Christmas Letter I send Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla. The reply is same as their previous Christmas replies: a postcard-sized photo with typed message on the back.

The photo is from the couple's Tour of Europe in March/April. The photo was taken on March 31st in Italy by Alessandra Benedetti. Benedetti is an Italian-Hungarian Photographer based in Italy. The Royals always love to use a photo from one of their tours for their replies. But it is especially lovely that they chose to feature a local photographer.

The photo is from the couple's 1st Day in Italy. They are posing on the historic Ponte Santa Trìnita (Holy Trinity Bridge), in Florence.

The message on the back has slightly different wording from previous years.

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg

The 2nd reply is from Luxembourg for the Christmas/97th Birthday letter I sent Grand Duke Jean. Grand Duke Jean reigned from 1964, until his abdication in 2000. His son, Grand Duke Henri, is Luxembourg's current monarch.

The envelope features two rather lovely stamps and an "Utilisez nos timbres spéciaux de Noël/ Use our special Christmas stamps" postmark. The envelope is postmarked December 21st, so this took a full 3.5 weeks to arrive. That is a little longer than normal, but understandable during the slow holiday season.

The past 2 years I've written for Grand Duke Jean's Birthday in Janurary. But this year I decided to write earlier and make my letter for Christmas and his birthday.

The card is slightly bigger than the Grand Duke's previous Birthday Replies, but it's the same size as the replies from the rest of the family.

I have yet to get my Christmas reply from Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. I am still awaiting replies for more than half of my Christmas letters.

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  1. I received two responses last night: the above photo of Charles and Camilla and a photo of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with their children! :-)