Friday, 5 January 2018

York's Christmas Card (2017)

Another Christmas reply arrived today! This time for the UK. I had written to Sarah, Duchess of York last month for Christmas. (& also wrote separately to Prince Andrew, Duke of York as they are divorced. You can see his reply here.)

Sarah usually replies with one of the York Family Personal Christmas Cards. (The card is about 2/3 the size of last year's card.) The front of the card features Prince Andrew's Blue Cypher.

The inside of York's 2017 Christmas Card, is a typed message, "Wishing you much joy and happiness at this time and for the year ahead." Below that are 4 printed on signatures of the Yorks. The signatures are the same they've used in past years.

Noticebly absent from any of the pictures is Duchess Sarah. I find it bit strange she would send this card to well-wishers, who wrote to her for Christmas, when it barely featured her. It in some ways seems like Andrew's Christmas card rather than a joint card.

The card features 3 photos of Princess Beatrice & Eugenie taken at Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew. They are from 2016, when the Royal Family attended the Patron Lunch to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. Sarah, no longer an member of the Royal Family, was absent from the event.

I do enjoy seeing the girls' playful side. And it is obvious these sisters are very close.

The photo of Prince Andrew is also from 2016, when he attended the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the United Arab Emirates. Given that Prince Andrew attended with Beatrice, I wouldn't be surprised if she took this photo.

I have a feeling the reason for all these 2016 photos is becuase they just came across this images again. Maybe they found a misplaced memory card. Princess Beatrice & Eugenie's profiles on the Duke of York's website were updated at the begining of December with photos from this Queen's Patron Lunch shoot as well.

Now on to the envelope. The reply is from Sarah. But the envelope screams Andrew. The back features Prince Andrew's Cyper.

The front of the envelope features the Iconic red 1st Class stamp, you see on most of the mail from the Royals. You will notice the PPI code, W7047 on the red stamp. Basicly PPI codes allows people, businesses, orgs, etc. to print on the envelope their own "Stamp"(like this 1st Class red one), send the mail, and then the system will charge their account the amount for the letter. It's great for people sending large amounts of mail.

W7047 is PPI code shared by the Royal Family. Sarah has her own personal PPI code (HQ 6515), which she uses for her normal correspondence. Since this was a joint Christmas card, I guess Andrew is picking up the tab for postage.

But what else is very intresting is, there is no Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle Postmark.  Normally Sarah's mail doesn't have one because it isn't processed through the Court Post Office at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle. But this is intresting because it's the first time I've seen the Royal PPI stamp used on an envelope that wasn't processed through one of the Court Post Offices.

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