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Denmark Christmas Replies (2017)

Two replies arrived today, both from Denmark and both for Christmas!

Crown Prince Frederik & 
Crown Princess Mary  

I had written to the Crown Prince Couple to wish them a very Merry Christmas. As you may know, Frederik and Mary like to send out the exact same reply year after year. I have a number of replies from them that are absolutely identical. Although, sometimes, there are little differences like a slight change in the color of the paper, or the message being on 2 lines instead of 3.

Here is one of their old Christmas replies. This is what I expected to get.

Christmas 2014

But this year, the couple changed up their reply.....

When I first opened it, I knew immediately something about this is different. First off, it just felt a little different. This reply is on different kind of paper that is slightly heavier. You will also probably notice the lovely textured edge. (This is similar to the edges used in Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's replies.) The old and new reply from the Crown Prince Couple are basically the same size, but the new reply is slightly wider by a 1/2 cm.

The old and new reply both feature the same Crown, that is used in the couple's monograms and coat of arms. The old reply has a more detailed version of the crown. The new reply has a simpler, bolder version. I haven't decided which I like better. 

The card also features a new message.

"On behalf of Their Royal Highness, The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark, I would like to thank you for your Season's Greetings." 

"Their Royal Highness The Crown Prince and Crown Princess asked me to thank you for your Season's Greetings."

While not a big change, it is certainly refreshing to see something new after the same message year after year. I think the new message is a bit more personal than the old one. It also closer to the message used on the birthday replies.

But I think the most striking difference between the old and new reply is the address at the bottom. It has been changed from Christain VIII Palace at Amalienborg to Frederik VIII Palace at Amalienborg.

Amalienborg is a complex of 4 different Palaces: Christian VII Palace, Christian VIII Palace, Frederick VIII Palace and Christian IX Palace. The Palaces are all arranged in a square with an octagonal courtyard in the middle.

I don't know exactly why we are seeing this change in address now. The Crown Prince Couple have lived at Frederick VIII Palace and had their office there since 2010. They did previously live at Christian VII Palace during the earlier years of their marriage while Frederik VIII was being renovated. Today, Christian VII Palace is a Museum as well as the home of Prince Joachim & Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte.

It could just be over the last 8 years they never bothered to update their Card with their new office address. Or maybe something else.

Either way, this change of address doesn't affect where you should address your letters. Mail to the couple and the other members of the Denmark Royal Family should still be sent to their PO Box: 

Postboks 2143
1015 KĂžbenhavn K

I hope you like their new reply because I have a feeling we will be seeing this year after year. The couple very likely won't change up their reply again until Frederik becomes Monarch.

Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik 

I had also written to Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik for Christmas. They replied with a form letter, which sadly does not acknowledge I had addressed my Christmas letter to both Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik.

The reply is from Johnnie Korsholm, one of the Queen's Aides-de-Camp.

You will notice that the message has "You" and "Yours" capitalized.  There is this old rule that any pronoun (I, You, Yours, His, Her, Their, Them, He, She, etc.) referring to a royal should be capitalized. Occasionally, we see this rule used in Royal replies, but even those that use it, don't use it consistently. However, this reply has misapplied this rule and capitalized the pronouns referring to me a non-Royal. This is incorrect.

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