Monday, 5 February 2018

King Albert and Queen Paola Christmas Reply (2017)

Another Christmas reply arrived in the mail today! This time from Belgium, from King Albert and Queen Paola.

Their reply is very simlar to last year, except it is much bigger. This reply is about the same size as Queen Paola's 80th Birthday reply.

The front of the card features a lovely photo of the couple.

On the back is the couple's joint monogram and a short message.

The message is in 4 languages: Belgium's 3 official languages (French, Dutch, German) and Italian (which is Queen Paola's native language, as she was born and raised in Italy). The message says, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 2018."

The two signatures are printed on and are the same used on past replies.

Sadly, the reply got badly bend in the mail. I strightened it out by laying it under some heavey books. But it still has a crease in it. Luckily you can't really tell from the photos.

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