Thursday, 28 June 2018

How I Store My Replies

All My Replies as of January 2015
I've reorganized my replies a few times over the years.

In the beginning, when I only had a few replies, I started out storing them in a decorative box, with all the different royal replies together in the order I had received them. (I use to have who each reply was from, and for what occasion I wrote, memorized)

I kept all the replies in their envelopes and it was a little hard to flip through and look at each one. And then I got some replies from Duchess Sarah that were too big to be kept in the box, so they were stored elsewhere.

After about a year, I moved my replies to 2 binders, British & Foreign Royals. The Foreign Royals were divided by country and the British Royals were divided by individual royal.

Late 2015, pictured is my 1 reply from Prince Charles I had at the time

When my binders started getting too full I divided the British royals into 3 binders (William/Kate/Harry, Queen/Philip/Charles/Camilla, and other British Royals), and moved the foreign royals to a bigger binder. Over time, I switched from having a section for each individual British royal to grouping them by couple/family. This is much easier since for Christmas, anniversaries, births, etc. as I often write to the couple, not one royal.

May 2017
In November 2016, I reorganized my binders again. The 4 binders were getting a little full, and I wanted to give myself room to grow over the next few years. So, I expanded the binders from 4 to 7 and there is now plenty of room for future replies.

May 2018
I typed up title pages for each section and labelled the binders better. At the bottom of the title pages, I have stickers to note which years, I have replies from. (For some, where I have gaps in years, I have a sticker with an x through the year I wrote, but did not receive a reply.)

Each reply gets its own page (or two pages if needed). The replies are ordered based on when I received the reply. And I keep all the envelopes, except a few of Duchess Sarah's that were too big to fit in the binder. Each page is numbered with a sticker, and the color denotes the year I got the reply. This makes it really easy to flip through and find a certain reply from a certain year. (This is especially helpful since some royals send out almost identical replies year after year.) 

9th & 10th Reply in the Queen & Prince Philip Binder

To make it easy to flip through the binders different sections, I put red tape on each of the title page.


  1. Is this address good for sending to The Tindall Family ?
    Princess Anne's Office
    Buckingham Palace
    London SW1A 1BA
    United KIngdom

    1. Yes. Except the postcode is "SW1A 1AA" not "SW1A 1BA".