Monday, 4 June 2018

Letters to the Royals for Gert's Royal Readers

For years I've gotten emails, and direct messages, about what is the "proper way" to write to the Royals. What do I say? How do I format my letter? etc.  I've always avoided creating a sample letter (or card) because there are a million different ways you can do this.

But I've finally caved and decided to create a post highlighting some of the different styles. And I am asking you all for submissions. So if you have a photo of a letter or card you sent, and you want to share it with other:

Email me at or Direct Message me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

I will pick a few of the best that represent a range of styles for the more formal to informal, personal, creative, long, short, etc. And I will remove any sensitive personal information like your address, last name, (First name too if you want), etc.

Thank You in advance for your submissions! 


Here is my letter to Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia of Sweden from 2017, when they announced they were expecting their 2nd child (Prince Gabriel). I hand wrote "Dear Your Royal Highnesses," & "Yours Sincerely, Gertrude Daly".

Here is a letter from a teenage reader congratulating "Prince Harry & Princess Meghan" on their wedding earlier this year. 

Here is a birthday card. 

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