Thursday, 28 June 2018

Queen's Birthday Reply (2018)

A lovely reply arrived from the UK today. I had written to The Queen in April for her 92nd Birthday. This reply took just over two month to arrive.

The envelope features the usual red postmark from the British Royals. But also has been double postmarked. This happens sometimes when the mail is taken from the Court Post office at Buckingham Palace to the Mount Pleasant Mail Centre, where most international mail is processed before being taken to Heathrow Airport.

The 2nd postmark says "Congratulations Benjamin Myers, Winner of the 2018 Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction." This was a special week-long postmark to commemorate the awards.

Inside is a lovely personal letter from Mary Morrison, one of the Queen's Ladies in Waiting.

I always love it when the reply make specific mention to what I wrote in my letter. As the Queen's Birthday week was filled with numerous commonwealth events for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, I had mentioned the Queen & her family's work with the Commonwealth in my letter. 

As the Queen's office is always very busy with all her birthday mail, not everyone who writes gets a personal reply like this. Some people get a generic form letter with no signature, others get a form letter signed by a Lady in Waiting with the person's name & the date filled in. 

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  1. Hello,

    Just inspired by your activities since April. My first act was to send a Birthday letter to HM The Queen on 7th April and received on 24th May.
    Very pleased to receive a reply from Baroness Hussey of North Bradley