Sunday, 9 July 2000

Belgium Royals (Main Page)

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(L-R: Eleonore, Gabriel, Mathilde, Philippe, Elisabeth,  Emmanuel)
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  1. Happy 31st Birthday to ADss Laura of Austria Este.

  2. On Sept.6th 2019 a new member is born into the House of Habsbourg Este and Belgium. The newest member is a little Prince of Belgium and AD of Austria Este. His name is not yet known. He has an older sister Anna Astrid of Austria Este. His parents are Prince Amadeus and Elisabetta of Belgium / Austria. Congrats to the Family's. WELCOME TO THE WORLD LITTLE PRINCE/ AD.

  3. Today the 12th of Sept.2019 the name of the little AD of Austria Este was announced , his name is Maximilian of Habsbourg Este. Also on photo was released of the family. Cute baby and so is ADss Anna Astid.

  4. A very happy 18h Birthday to CPss Elisabeth of Belgium the Dss of Brabant.