Tuesday, 17 October 2000

Resolved Wild Predictions (2015-present)

This started as my predictions for #RoyalBaby2 in 2015, but have now expanded beyond that. 

For the list of Current Predictions

I am currently 58 for 74 or 78% correct. 

Pre-Royal Baby2:
  • Catherine will undertake at another engagement, sometime in March, before the baby is born. (Quite Correct)
  • Catherine or at least William will attend this year's Irish Guards's St. Patricks Day Parade (Correct)
    • This will be Kate's Last Public Official Engagement Till the Birth of #RoyalBaby2 (Wrong)
  • The Cambridges will not release a photo this year (2015) for Mothering Sunday.  (Correct)
Royal Baby 2:
  • The Birth will take place at the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital. (Correct)
  • William will be present at the birth. (Correct)
  • #RoyalBaby2 will be a girl. (Correct)
  • Brown Hair (Correct)
  • Brown Eyes  (Wrong)
  • #RoyalBaby2 will be born on a Tuesday, (Wrong)
  • #RoyalBaby2 will be named Charlotte. (Correct)
  • If the Baby is not Born By Wednesday April 22nd, William will not attend his engagement on April 25th. (Wrong)
  • William and Catherine will return to Anmer Hall shortly after the birth (Correct)
  • They will not hire a 2nd nanny (Correct)
  • The Royal Baby 3 will not be born till sometime after one of the following "Royal" wedding  (Correct)
      • Pippa Middleton & James Matthew
        • (I made this way back in 2015, before they got anywhere near serious)
      • James Middleton & Donna Air
      • Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank
      • Catherine will be pregnant at the same time some other Royal/Pippa is  (Correct, Princess Madeleine of Sweden)
      Official Photos:
      • Someone close to the couple will take the first official photo of #RoyalBaby2 (Correct)
        • This photo or some photo released in the 1st 6 months will be taken by Catherine.  (Correct)
      • The first official photograph of Princess Charlotte will be taken at Anmer Hall (Correct)
        • Taken in May (Correct)
      • The Cambridge's will either not release a "new" photo for Prince George's birthday or will release one from Princess Charlotte's Christening (Correct)
      • The Cambridge's will releases an Official Photo(s) for Christmas in 2015. (Correct)
        • Prince William will be holding Princess Charlotte.  (Wrong)
      • If George and Charlotte accompany William and Catherine on the Canada tour, they will release an official photo ahead of time.  (Wrong)
      Princess Charlotte's Christening:
      • Princess Charlotte's Christening will take place before the Queen goes on Summer Holiday (Correct)
        • Christening will take place at St. James Palace (Wrong)
        • Neither Harry, Pippa, Beatrice or Eugenie will be Godparents (Correct)
        • A member of Diana's Family will be a Godparent. (Correct)
      • Another Christening Photo (not the original 4) will be released (or spotted) by the end of the year (Correct)
      • British Monarchy's new twitter handle @RoyalFamily isn't going to last a year. (Very Correct)
        • They changed it some 20 minutes later
        • (This was in Reference to the first time @British Monarchy changed their Twitter Handle)
      • Harry will return from his 3 months in Africa, by his Birthday, September 15th  (Correct)
      • Prince Harry will become Patron of a Charity or Organization that assists Wounded Veterans.  (Correct)
      • Either William or Catherine will attend the annual 100 Women in Hedgefund Gala in October in support of Art Room (Correct)
      • Princes William and Harry will attend the England vs. Wales match on September 26th. (Correct)
      • Prince Harry will attend Rugby World Cup Final  (Correct)
      • By end of 2017, Catherine will take one of the Queen's old Patronages (Correct. Queen passed on a few, announced in Dec 2016)
      Catherine will return from Royal Baby 2 Maternity Leave: 
      • In September  (Correct)
      • 1 of her first 5 engagements 
        • Will be attended with Prince William.  (Correct)
        • Another will be in support of either Action on Addiction, Sport Aid or the National History Museum. (Correct)
      • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will give birth to have boy (Correct)
        • Born in March (Correct)
      • Princess Sofia of Sweden will give birth to have girl (Wrong)
      • Prince George and Princess Charlotte will both appear on the Balcony of Trooping the Colours  (Correct)
      • Catherine will become Patron of another Charity or Organization (Correct)
      • Duchess Catherine will not become Patron of All England Club (AKA Wimbledon) this summer. (Correct)
        • (The Queen did pass down the patronages in December 2016)
      • Princess Anne will attend the Rio 2016 Olympics (Correct)
        • The Cambridges will not attend the Rio 2016 Olympics (Correct)
        • Prince Edward will attend the Rio 2016 Paralympics (Correct)
      • Catherine will undertake her first solo trip abroad (Correct)
      • Cambridge will take Prince George and Princess Charlotte on tour of Canada (Correct)
      • Prince William will officially open the new National Memorial Arboretum Visitor Centre in Staffordshire. (Correct)
      • Princess Eugenie will not announce her engagement in 2016 (Correct)
      Pippa Middleton's Wedding:
      • People to Attend:
        • Prince Harry (Correct)
        • Zara & Mike Tindall  (Wrong)
        • Princess Eugenie & Beatrice (Half correct, just Eugenie)
        • A few of Pippa's Exs (Correct) 
        • At least one of William's Exs (Correct)
      • Sometime before 
        • Pippa's wedding she will give an interview to the press (Not about the Wedding)
        • The Middleton's will make some complaint about the press (Correct)
        • One of James's family members will let something slip to the press (Wrong)
      • Duchess Catherine, & Prince George will participate in the wedding in some way (Correct)
      • Pippa will wear white (Correct)
        • The dress will be designed by a British designer (Correct)
        • One of the "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" will come from Kate (Sort of..... Earrings were from Kate's wedding. Half point)
      • Someone important is going to show up not wearing a hat  (Wrong)
      Prince Gabriel's Christening:
      • Godparents
        • Princess Madeliene (Aunt) (Correct)
        • Sara Hellqvist (Aunt) (Correct)
      • First official photo of #RoyalBaby3 will be taken by Kate (Correct)
      • We will get an official photo of George & Charlotte for Christmas 2017 (Correct)
        • (Assuming there isn't some other official photo/appearance in Nov/Dec)
      • Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess St├ęphanie will be pregnant with their 1st child (Wrong)
      Royal Baby #3:
      • William and Kate will have a #RoyalBaby3 (Correct)
      • #RoyalBaby3 will be a boy (Correct)
        • If a boy the Baby will have "Philip" as apart of it's name (Wrong)
      • #RoyalBaby3 will share a birthday with some Royal (Wrong)
      • Kate will wear a red dress (Correct)
      Royal Wedding H&M
      • Prince Harry & Meghan Markle will announce their engagement in early 2018. (Wrong)
        • May wedding (Correct)
        • At St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle (Correct)
        • Meghan will be given a bracelet by Camilla (Correct)