Monday, 16 March 2015

Royal Baby Watch Update: Kate has given Birth to a Baby Girl!!!

Update's on Royal Baby 2: 

Updates at Lindo Wing

Current Status: It's a Girl!!!

Due Date: Mid/Late April  (Parking Restrictions end April 30th, but will be extended if needed)

Hospital: St. Mary's Hospital, Lindo Wing in Paddington, London

Name:  The Couple do not know the sex of the baby and  per tradition have most likely not picked out a name yet, but will have a short list.  The baby will be called "His or Her Royal Highness Princess (name) of Cambridge". The Baby's name will be announced a few days after birth.

Catherine: will be staying in London ahead of the birth. Contingency plans are in place if she happens to be at Anmer Hall or her parents house when she goes into labor. 

William: Was present at the birth

Media: There will be a Official Press Pen, for Accredited Media Only, outside the Hospital. This was put up on April 16th. It will not be open to Accredited Media until Catherine goes into Labor and is admitted into the Hospital. Kensington Palace will release a press release when this happens. Accredited Media will have assigned spots inside the pen and are not allowed to set up equipment ahead of time.

Starting Thursday 16 April until 72hrs after Catherine leaves hospital, news permits are suspended for Green Park (Canada Gate), St. James’s Park and Kensington Gardens to allow media access to cover the Royal birth.

Media pens have also been set up at Buckingham Palace for duration of when the framed Birth Announcement is being displayed on Easel.

Media Pens will also be set up outside Kensington Palace, the Cambridge's London Residence. Media will not be allowed to position here until the announcement that the Cambridges are leaving the hospital with the New Baby. This Media Pen will be opened for 72 hours after that Announcement. 

These will be walk up positions: meaning the media isn't allowed to stay there, their length of stay will be determined by the Press officer at each place. This is to help manage demand.

Announcement: There will be 2 announcements, first that Catherine has gone in to labor and has been admitted into the hospital and second that Catherine has given birth. 

These announcements will be made via Press Release and then over Social Media. The Queen will be the first to be told of the birth followed by the members of the Royal and Cambridge Family. The announcement of the Birth will include the Sex, Weight and Time of Birth. The Name will be released some time latter. 

If the Baby is born after 1o PM (London Time), the announcement of it's birth will be delayed till the next morning at 8 AM. 

A Formal Announcement will be displayed on an easel outside Buckingham Palace. 

Prince George: The couple are unsure whether Prince George will visit his brother or sister at the Hospital. 

Returning Home: The Couple will leave the hospital with the new born baby much like last time. They will return to Kensington Palace for a few Days, before returning to Anmer Hall. 

First Photographs/ Appearances of Royal Baby 2: You can check out our list of when to expect photographs of Royal Baby 2

First Official Engagements for William and Catherine:  

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  1. Hi! May I ask you where did you get that ifnfo about the media not camping out? Why did they have permission with George's birth though? I'm curious about the info that will be released the 9th... WIll it be from KP?


    1. The Info can in part from The Daily Beast:

      #RoyalBaby2 birth is going to happen slightly different than the previous to ensure the utmost respect for the Hospital, Patients, surrounding businesses and the community. Previously It was First Come, First Serve and the Media was not told when Prince George was going to be born so they started camping out 22 days before the birth. It was a bit of a Circus, a disruption to everyone involved.

      This time, spots will be assigned, and no one is allowed to camp out until KP has announced Catherine is in Labor.

      On April 9th, Kensington Palace will hold a Press Briefing to let the media know what is going to happen and how things are going to be handled. This is typical before a big event like this. I'm unsure whether Kensington Palace will make the information publicly available on their website, but the press is sure to fill us in on all the relevant details.

    2. More information came from some Royal Journalists from Operational Notes from last month.