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Royal Baby 2 Q&A


This page was started late in Catherine's 2nd pregnancy and was closed after Princess Charlotte's Christening. Any Question about Prince George or Princess Charlotte should be directed to this months Q&A page.

Question 1: When is Catherine Due?

Answer: Mid/Late April

Question 2: Where will I be able to watch "the door" when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walk out of the Hospital with the new baby after She or He is born? 

Answer: Everywhere? Pretty much everyone who regularly covers the Royals, will have a live feed of the doors at St. Mary's Lindo Wing, where Catherine will give birth to #RoyalBaby2.

I will update you all on our Royal Baby 2 Page on everything you need to know and where to get the latest news, as it comes in.

Question 3: Will Kate use a Maternity Nurse?

Answer: No, William and Catherine do not plan on hiring a Nurse, or another Nanny, for #RoyalBaby2. With George, The couple chose not to hire a Nanny right away. They stayed at the Middleton's house in Bucklebury and were helped out by Catherine's parents, Michael and Carole. When they did hire a Nanny, they hired William's old Nanny Jesse Webb to work Temporary Part Time. (Seen here with Michael Middleton at Prince George's Christening)

The Cambridge's now have a full time Nanny Maria Borrallo. (Seen here at Plunket Playdate in New Zealand)

Question 4: When Princess Anne passes, and if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a daughter, will the title of Princess Royal be given to her? 

Answer: Princess Royal is a title given by the King or Queen to their eldest daughter. Meaning, the Cambridge's Daughter could not receive this title until Prince William became King and Princess Anne has passed away. (There can only be one Princess Royal and She holds the title for life). So Yes, but only when William becomes King.

But I would prefer to see their daughter be made Duchess of York. I don't know if they are going to change things now that they have gotten rid of male preference. Normally, only the sons are given a title, with the eldest daughter being the one exception.

Question 5: How Many Godparents does Prince George have?

Answer: 7: Oliver Baker, Emilia Jardine-Paterson, Earl Grosvenor, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Julia Samuel, William van Cutsem and Zara Tindall.

Traditionally Royals have six god parents, made up of foreign royals and aristocrats. But William and Catherine chose instead close personal friends.

Question 6: What if Kate goes into labour at night?

Answer: If Kate goes into labour at night the same thing will happen as if she goes into labour during the day. KP will send out a Press Release and the Media will start camping out.

Once the Baby is Born, before an announcement of the birth can happen The Queen along with other family members (Both Royal and Middleton) will be told first. With George, If the baby was born at night, The Queen would not be worn up and would be told in the morning. So there may be some an additional delay in the announcement.

With George, he was born at 4:24 PM (London) and the announcement was made to the Press, four hours later, at 8:30 PM

Question 7: Who signed Prince George's birth announcement?

Answer: Prince George's Birth announcement, that was placed on an easel outside Buckingham Palace, was signed by the Doctors who helped deliver him: Marcus Setchell, Guy Thorpe-Beeston, Sunit Godambe and John Cunningham.

Question 8: Why are William and Catherine staying at Anmer Hall, like 3 hours away from the hospital, when Catherine is close to giving birth?

Answer: 1st, William's Job, as an Ambulance Helicopter Pilot, is near Anmer Hall, so it makes sense for them to stay there.

2nd, Anmer Hall is their home, where they can enjoy the most privacy. With George, William and Catherine stayed in Anglesey, where they lived at the time (when William worked for the RAF). They stayed there for a good portion of the lead up before returning to Kensington Palace. Back then, of course, Apartment 1A was not finished renovated and they lived in a small cottage on the grounds that wasn't air conditioned.  Not the best for a Pregnant mum, during the hot summer.

Catherine is still one and a half or two or three weeks from giving birth. I'm sure they are consulting with her doctors and will make the move back to Kensington Palace when they feel it is appropriate. With all the hype and excitement, there are probably a lot more Paparazzi than usual with lens on the look out for a Pregnant Catherine or soon to be big Brother George in London. Anmer Hall really provides them with the most privacy.

And it's only a 2 and half hour drive, shorter with Helicopter. But I'm sure they will be head back to Kensington with plenty of time for the birth.

*Update: Catherine now at Kensington Palace, and will stay there until the Baby is born.* 

Question 9: Are there any videos of Prince George talking?

Answer: No, we don't have any video's of Prince George. Last time we have actually officially saw him was over one year ago on AUS/NZ tour. Since then we have just had official photographs released.

The only video we have of George is: Leaving the hospital (a day old), At Christening (3 months), On and Off planes at AUS/NZ, Plunket Play Date in NZ & Zoo at Aus (8 months).

--(The Question above are Pre-Birth of Princess Cambridge.... The Once Below are Post-Birth) --

Question 10: When George was born the secretary handed the official paper to a car driver that then headed to the palace, for the announcement to be displayed .. Why didn't he do it this time? Who brought there the document? 

Answer: With George, the official formal announcement was how we were going to be told that the baby was born, and its sex and weight. At the last minute, they changed their plans and announced it via press release ahead of time. It was walked out by the Former Senior Communications Secretary Ed Perkins and given a police escort to BP.

This time they decided there would be a little less pomp and circumstance... They took it out one of the back doors and drove it quietly to BP. I don't know who by.

Question 11: Are you going to write to the Cambridge's for Princess Charlotte's christening? What would you write in that case?

Answer: I am most definitely going to write for Princess Charlotte's christening. Who would pass up the chance to get a post card sized photo of Princess Charlotte? My assumption is that they might use one of the photos just released of Prince George and Princess Charlotte taken at Anmer Hall by Catherine or one of William and Catherine leaving St. Mary's Hospital with Princess Charlotte on the day of her birth. There is usually a delay in changing the photos they mail out. So you might see the Christening photos used for Christmas, or if you write for some other reason later on this year.

As far as what I'm going to write for Princess Charlotte's Christening:

 I will address the envelope to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

I will probably address the letter, Dear William and Catherine, although you can go more formal by addressing it to Their Royal Highnesses, or extremely formal and archaic by writing the letter to their Private Secretary instead.  (Which is something you only do in modern times if you are writing to them for something or if you are some official of some Government, Cooperation, Organization, Charity, etc.) How formal you get depend on the nature of your letter. 

I will then start by stating why I am writing. "I am writing to send you my sincerest congratulations following the christening of your daughter Princess Charlotte Today." I will then probably go on and talk about how lovely it looked or how important it is for children to have God Parents to guide them or talk about How big George has gotten.

Then comes the middle part of the letter where it is a good place to make some sort of personal connection. Say something about Babies, Christenings, the Importance of Religion, etc. May be give some tips on handling two young children or important life lessons you hope they will pass on to Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Or bring up past Christening like Prince William or Harry's. Or talk about how proud Princess Diana would have been. 

In the closing, I would write something about how I hope that they have a wonderful summer. Or wish William good luck on his job. Or wish George a happy early birthday, etc. (Although I will probably write a separate letter for that)

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