Monday, 15 June 2015

Queen Elizabeth's Thank You to Well Wisher for Princess Charlotte's birth.

Today I received a letter from Queen Elizabeth II. I was really excited when I saw her Red monogram embossed on the back of the envelope.  I had written to Queen Elizabeth, last month, to congratulate her on the birth of her newest Great-Granddaughter, Princess Charlotte. I had also written to William & Catherine and Charles & Camilla congratulating them on the birth as well.

I think I would have been more enthusiastic about this reply if it had included a sentence about the Queen's feelings about Princess Charlotte's arrival.  In the reply for the Queen's 89th BirthdayMary Morrison, one of the Queen's Ladies-in-Waiting, wrote to me that "the arrival of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has given much pleasure to the whole Royal Family."

The reply I received from the Queen on this occasion was unlike anything I had yet to receive from her. It was written on the usual stationary, but appeared to be a typed reply sent to everyone who wrote the Queen on the Occasion of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge's birth.

Without my name written on it or a Ladies-in-Waiting's signature it looks a little plain.

The letter is dated June 2015 on the bottom, the month after Princess Charlotte was born. Queen Elizabeth's office most likely decided to wait until June to send to print and send the response to ensure that they had received all of them. The Cambridges's response came 2 weeks earlier.

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