Monday, 27 July 2015

Birthday Letter from Queen Sonja of Norway

Getting a reply to your letter can sometimes take forever. I've learned not to expect a reply for at least a month. When people are on holiday (Summer or Christmas time) or there is a big event, it can take even longer.

I had written to Queen Sonja of Norway for her 78th birthday on July 4th. I don't remember the exact date I sent my letter, but based on when I normally send letters, this reply come in just under a month, which is a great response time.

The envelope is pretty basic. But one of the things I love about getting mail from Foreign Royals is each country has it own distinct postmark and markings. The envelope's post mark "Norge" means Norway, and was sent priority on the 21st (2 weeks after Queen Sonja's birthday). It took 6 days to arrive.

"Det Kongelige Hoff" written on the bottom of the envelope means "The Royal Court" in Norwegian. There was no monogram on the back of the envelope. 

This was the first time I had written to a Norway Royal. The Letter was brief, but cute. (First letters are always very exciting.) It was written by the Queen's Senior Secretary, Reidum Norberg, on a half-sheet sized paper, and hand signed. The telephone and fax on the bottom are the general numbers for the Royal Palace. 

The letter was written on a very nice quality paper. The watermark indicates that it is the brand "Conqueror," manufactured by UK company, Arjowiggins Creative Papers.  I found this interesting because it is a British company, and because I've seen the name, Conqueror, on a number of envelopes from different royals. (The Conqueror watermark is only present on a few sizes and colors, depending on the style of paper.)

This letter was written on Cream colour paper, and the finish (the lines) is called Laid.

As I looked through all my different letters, I realized many of them are on Conqueror stationary (E.g. Norway, Monaco, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Duchess of York). There are a whole bunch of differently types, style, colours and finishes. I spent way to long today learning about all their different kinds of stationary in the Conqueror range. 

For those wondering what Stationary the British Royals use, no need for a watermark. The Queen and Prince Charles have both given out Royal Warrants to The Wren Press. 

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