Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Duchess Camilla - Birthday Reply (2015)

Camilla sends the nicest responses! I was very excited when I spotted the Envelope lying on my kitchen counter.

I could tell immediately from the front of the envelope that this letter was from Camilla. Not because there was a Monogram/Cypher on the front, but because Camilla is the only BRF I have ever gotten a larger sized envelope from, and the only Royal that has sent a reply by registered mail.  

The Envelope also does this cool thing where each line of the address is indented. You can't see it since I blurred out my address. I have only ever seen this with Camilla's letters.  

The reason this was sent by registered delivery was because Camilla had hand-signed the note. When I wrote for Camilla and Charles's 10th Wedding Anniversary, I also received a hand signed card from Camilla.  This note is double the size of the typical Cambridge/Harry response.

On the front of the note, is a very lovely picture of Camilla at Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of the Arts on June 2nd. The picture was taken by Thomas Alexander. The reply was sent 3 days after Camilla's birthday and took 8 days to arrive in the mail (a little bit longer than usual).

There isn't too much to say about this response, but one interesting thing I noticed was the colour of Camilla's Monogram on the back of the envelope. It was different on the response for Camilla and Charles's 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Last time, it was green and this time it was blue.

The Green monograms are letters sent from Birkhall. Birchall is Charles and Camilla's Scotland Residence and is where they staying during their 10th wedding anniversary.

The Blue Monogram is for letters sent from Clarence House, their official residence in London.  


  1. I haven't gotten a reply from her yet :'(

    1. I have a friend who hasn't gotten his reply either. August is when the Royal go on Holiday. My guess is that since Camilla went on holiday shortly after my response was sent, and other people are still waiting for their reply, that the Communication's Section at Clarence House also took this time to go on Holiday, while things are slow.

      I would give it time. My response came a lot earlier than I would have expected. We are also waiting for a reply for Prince William's birthday which has almost 2 months ago, so they are definitely behind.

    2. My friend just got his reply today. It was just like mine, except was sent from Birkhall in Scotland, so it had a Green monogram. I would expect you to get yours soon.

    3. Let me know when you get yours, I'm always interested in the different response times, and get a little worried when I hear someone hasn't gotten their response.