Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Prince Albert's 10th Anniversary of Enthronement

I knew this letter was going to be different from the usual Monaco reply, when I noticed the back of the envelope was missing Prince Albert of Monaco's usual monogram (2 red A's under a crown). 

Normally, Monaco sends out bilingual, pretyped, notes on really nice quality paper. I've received these type of responses for Prince Albert's birthday, Princess Charlene's birthday and the birth of their twins

This reply was for my letter to Prince Albert to congratulate him on his 10th anniversary of being on the throne. The response was written on the 22nd of July and mailed on the 24th. It took 12 days in the mail, which is a little longer than usual.

Besides the lack of monogram on the back, the envelope looks exactly like usual. And Yes, that is Prince Albert on the Stamp.

Inside, instead of the usual pre-typed note, they sent a letter written by Prince Albert's Private Secretary, Christine Sprile and hand signed

The note is brief, but mentions why I wrote and thanks me for writing. The red print on the top of the page reads "La Secrétaire Particuliére De S.A.S. Le Prince Souverain De Monaco" which translated mean "The Private Secretary of His Serene Highness, the Sovereign Prince Of Monaco."

This letter is very sweet with lot of nice adjectives: great pleasure, kind wishes, sincere thanks, thoughtful attention, much appreciated, best regards. 

One of the things I found most interesting about this letter is the Date. It is written Month, Day, Year,  which is how we write the date in the USA, but isn't commonly used by in Europe. The date is typically write Day, Month, Year as seen in the postmark on the envelope. I've only had a few responses with the the date written M/D/Y. Prince Albert's birthday response has the date M/D/Y on the english side and the date D/M/Y on the French. 

Another interesting thing was the salutation "With my best regards". For the most part I've always seen "Yours sincerely" (Prince Harry's Private Secretary, Edward Lane Fox, wrote Yours Faithfully").  "With my best regards" seems more personal than the typical response, especially since the writer is normally writing on behalf of a royal and sending the royals thanks and best wishes, not their own.

And the last thing I have to say about this letter, is check out the awesome watermark, "opale". Only and handful of letters I've gotten have had watermarks. Opale is a brand of paper created by the UK company, Arjowiggins. Arjowiggins also make the brand Conqueror commonly used for Monaco's typical pre-typed responses.

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