Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Duchess of Cornwall Get Well Soon!

I wrote to Camilla a few days after Clarence House had announced she was taken ill and had to cancel a number of engagements. She was away from engagements for about 14 days, and has had a light schedule since. Clarence House reported that Camilla had Gastroenteritis, commonly known as the Stomach Flu.

The letter is short, written on A5 paper (half sheet). I assume that everyone who wrote to Camilla, to wish her good health, received the same typed letter. The typed portion doesn't appear to be personalized and only mentions vaguely what I wrote about. Camilla personalized the letter by writing the persons name and hand-signing it.

The top of the letter features Camilla's Cypher/ Monogram, with the word Birkhall underneath. Birkhall is Charles and Camilla's Scottish residence. When sending mail from Scotland, Camilla uses a green cypher. For letters sent from Clarence House, in England, Camilla uses a blue version of her cypher.

I sent my letter 24 days ago. It was responded to quite promptly.

If you are still waiting for replies from the Cambridges for various events this summer. Those would be handled by the General Correspondence section at Clarence House. They are behind on responses. When will they come? I don't know. To be honest I expected to see responses for at least Prince William's birthday a while ago. But they have been sending out responses, so don't worry, they are just still Pre-William's birthday (Early June).

When Camilla hand-signs letters or cards, my guess is those are handled personally by her office, I.e. a assistant Private Secretary. Which is why we see much quicker response times.


  1. I sent on July 13 and has not yet received a response.

    1. Camilla's birthday, George's birthday or Charlotte's christening?

      For George's birthday & Charlotte's christening don't expect a response yet, we won't get one till after they have sent out Prince William's birthday responses.

      I know for Camilla's birthday they sent responses out in batches with hand signed cards Late July and then late August. I would expect that they have sent out all the responses for that by now. But It could be Camilla sits down and signs letter once at the end of a month. So if your still waiting for this response she may have just sent it out with Late September replies.