Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Cambridges - Replies

These are just the replies for The Cambridges. Other members of the British Royal Family are listed on separate pages


  • Kate
  • William
  • George
  • (Wrote for Princess Charlotte's Birthday, but did not receive a reply)

Older Replies from 2015 & 2014

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  1. How did you address your letter to Prince Harry? I'm having trouble deciding on the 'Dear...' part - did you use 'Dear Prince Harry', 'Dear Sir' or 'Dear Your Royal Highness'? Thank you!

    1. Gert's Royals2 July 2016 at 10:43

      How you address Prince Harry in your letter just depends on how formal your letter is. Use what ever you feel comfortable with. A Good Rule of Thumb is just write like you were taking to them in person.

      For the Queen it would always be very formal, Her Majesty the Queen, Your Majesty, Madam, You/you, etc.

      For People like Prince Harry it depends on the situation. Harry can be really chill and informal, but there is also a times when things are formal.

      If your letter is more formal use: His Royal Highness Prince Henry/Harry, Your Royal Highness, Sir, You/you.
      If your letter is more formal use: Prince Harry, Harry, you, etc. in your letter.

      Dear Prince Harry, Dear Your Royal Highness, Dear High Royal Highness Prince Henry, etc. is fine....... Usually you only use Sir after you have already referred to them. So I wouldn't write Dear Sir, but if you want to refer to the person latter in the letter you could use "Sir" (It was nice to see you Sir at the Gala) or just use you.

  2. i don't know if you see this message before .... i found thanking message from kensington palace "from duchess of Cambridge"
    it is normal message .. what is your opinion?.... and by chance she is Meghan Markle's friend :) .... message from 2015

    1. This is a normal response. Any author who sent a book to the Duchess would get a reply just like this thanking them. The letter was sent by Claudia Spens, who is head of the Correspondence Section at Clarence House. She sends out most of the letters. If something was more special I would be done by The Duchess's Private Secretary, Rebecca Deacon. So this is pretty generic reply.

      Lindsay Roth is a friend of Meghan, but this letter and her sending the book has nothing to do with Meghan and Harry dating now.

    2. you are right ,i know and understand that there is no relation between sending the book and Meghan and Harry relationship ..... as i said date of letter Nov,2015 and news /rumors about they are dating started in mid of this year 2016 .... .... and thank you for your answering

  3. Hi,

    I would appreciate if you could predict what would possibly be the response time for the Cambridges if I live in Europe ?


    1. 1-2 months is a normal response time for the royals. But right now given that the Clarence House Correspondence office is swamped with mail it may be more like 2-4 months, or longer.