Saturday, 2 January 2016

British Royal Annual Events

This is in no way a complete list. Hopefully by the end of 2016 it will be a much more complete list. The timing of some events vary slightly year from year.

I've only included annual royal official engagements. Not included are
  • Events for a royal's Patronage (E.g. Wellchild Awards)
  • Unofficial, personal events (E.g. Annual Christmas Luncheon)
  • Accession Day (6th)

  • Commonwealth Observance Day (2nd Monday)
    • Queen and members attend service at Westminster Abbey
      • Queen delivers speech
  • Royal Maundy Service (Tuesday before Easter) 
    • Queen and member 
  • Irish Guards St. Patrick's Parade (17th) 
    • Duke or Duchess of Cambridge present Shamrocks

  • State Opening of Parliament
    • Queen, Philip, Charles, Camilllia
  • (3) Buckingham Palace Garden Party
    • Queen with other members
  • Chelsea Flower Show  
    • Queen with other members
(Birthday Honors announced)
  • Beating Retreat (Wednesday and Thursday before Trooping)
    • A Senior Member takes the Salute
  • Trooping the Color (a Saturday)
    • All member of the extended BRF
  • Order of the Garter (Monday after Trooping)
    • Queen, members of the Order of the Garter and their spouses
  • Royal Ascot (Tuesday-Saturday after Trooping)
  • Holyrood Week
    • Queen in Scotland at Palace of Holyroodhouse
    • Investiture
    • Garden Party
  • Order of the Thistle Service (Every Even Year)


  • BGC Charity Day (11th)
    • Attended by a Senior Member


  • Field of Remembrance
  • Festival of Remembrance 
    • Queen and senior members
  • Remembrance Sunday (2nd Sunday)
    • Queen and senior members
  • Royal Variety Performance
    • Alternates between the Queen & Prince Phillip and Charles & Camilla 
    • Duke & Duchess of Cambridge may be taking over the Queen & Prince Philip years
  • Diplomatic Reception
    • Queen and senior members
  • ICAP's annual Charity Day
    • Attended by a senior member
(New Years Honors announced)

Events without fixed time of year: 
  • Investitures (about 25 a year)
    • Held by the Queen, Charles, Anne or William
  • Royal Film Performance
    • Attended by a senior member
  • Official State Visit (Twice a year)
  • Sovereign's Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


  1. Dolores Yellowstone5 December 2016 at 17:58

    Any idea when the diplomatic reception is being held this year? I was thinking sometime this week perhaps. Isn't it usually late November, early December?

    1. No word on the exact date, but we are expecting it to he held in the next week or so.