Monday, 11 January 2016

Cambridge Christmas Reply

Today, I received a Christmas Reply from the Cambridges. It is their standard reply, a postcard sized picture with typed note on the back. The photo is from Princess Charlotte's Christening July 5th. It is one of two photos that have been released of the whole Cambridge Family. The message on the card is the exact same as the message on their Christmas Card last year, except for the addition of Princess Charlotte's name.

We saw this same christening photo used for Princess Charlotte's Christening reply. This is not the 1st time they have sent the same photo on two replies. Last year, Harry's Birthday and Christmas reply used the same photo and so did George's 1st birthday and Catherine's announcement of her 2nd pregnancy.

The Cambridges choose not to use the Christmas picture they released last month, on their reply.  It's likely that the Cambridges hadn't released the photo yet, when they started printing and sending out notes for Christmas. This is very often a problem for them. George's birthday replies both, this year and last year, didn't use the photo they had released for his birthday, rather using an older photo.

We still have a bunch of Christmas replies we are waiting on, I would expect we will be waiting for replies till the end of this month, or early next month.

I looked back at my christmas replies from last year, the last one came in March.  It was from Denmark. They have a pretty great response time in getting their replies out, but the Crown Prince Couple usually sends their replies economy which means it taken for ever to arrive. Some times up to 45 days in the mail.

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  1. I'm disappointed that they don't use their newer, Christmas photo on reply. I'm wondering if they will ever use this photo as response...

    1. I started seeing their christmas response a few days after they had released the Christmas Photo, so it was probably a issue of not having the photo out yet, when they printed and started sending out the cards.

      They definitely could use this photo for a latter reply, like we saw them use George's 1st Birthday photo for their christmas reply in 2014. The only problem is what is the next event people would write to them, that they would want to send a family picture for? For birthdays they like to use solo photos, for the most part.

      They do have their 5th wedding anniversary this year. And there is a possibility they might use the Christmas photo for that. However, I expect they will release a photo for their Anniversary/ India Tour so they might use that. For the reply, or they might choose a photo of just William and Catherine.

      By Next christmas we will hopefully have this photo will be too out of date to use, Charlotte and George will have grown significantly and I expect we will have at least one new family picture by then. Probably more since I'm sure we will see the family a few times this summer as the Queen celebrates her 90th. Possibly at Polo Match, George will definitely be at trooping, Charlotte is a little young, but it is a very special birthday so she might appear on the balcony, etc.

  2. Awesome! When did you send your letter to them?

    1. I started sending out my Christmas letters after Thanksgiving (November 26th) and finished them off the first and beginning of the 2nd week of December. I probably had them all sent out by Dec 8th. I didn't keep track when exactly I sent out each letter. Usually I do.

      If your waiting for a reply, Don't Worry, it always takes time for them to send them all out. Sometime the different response times can be a month, or two.

  3. I do not know London but I love this couple I love everything and I see everything about them.